Antifa: The 21st Century’s KKK

What happens when these veiled villains come to the conclusion that their efforts aren’t stopping people from showing pride in their country?  Will they trade clubs for pistols and take a few lives during one of their raids?

  • Hard Little Machine

    No, they are the SA. The KKK had millions of members in the 1920’s but never achieved much. The SA almost came to run Germany until they were wiped out by people even worse.

    • glasnost

      With respect, rather than “wiped out by people even worse”, I’d characterize it more as “superseded by people even more zealous” (smiling emoji here)

      But back to the current Antifa. I haven’t heard calls from the “right” for martial law or suspending civil liberties, nor have I heard fears from the “left” that it could happen under a Republican president. I guess that many Americans realize that civil liberties in the form of 2nd Amendment is Antifa’s biggest deterrent.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I don’t expect Antifa to last much longer now that it has become a major embarrassment to the Democrats.

    • Alain

      Why? Do you think Soros has run out of money?