Sweden: Muslim crept up behind police officer, stabbed him in the neck

It’s the second stabbing attempt on Swedish police within hours. The perpetrator is a Morroccan youth. The same is happening in London. Two stabbing attempts on police within two days.

  • ontario john

    Muslims celebrate their religious holidays in such interesting ways.

  • Watchman

    And so, again we are left not knowing why muslims are doing this. It’s a complete mystery to all politicians, church leaders, police leaders, and social workers. It could even be caused by the islamophobia of people afraid of themselves being run over, blown up or stabbed that is causing muslims to preemptively lash out and run over, blow up or stab random people.


    • Jay Harper

      New Item:
      Muslims fear backlash over tomorrow’s terrorist attack.

  • xavier

    Cops will have to wear kevlar scarves and shoot dead any attacker.

    • Alain

      First they would need a weapon and second permission from their political masters to use it.

      • xavier

        No one needs permission from anyone for self defense

  • Gary

    Last year there were 2 muslim women that walked around Ottawa to stab people. The police had no motive and said the two were not connected.

  • Sweden knew what it was doing when it not only let these thugs in but also denied that they were thugs.