PM Useful Idiot launches investigation into Omar Khadr leak

The Privy Council Office says it has launched an investigation into who leaked confidential information about settlement money paid to former Guantanamo Bay inmate Omar Khadr.

Following a report from online political news website iPolitics published on Wednesday, PCO spokesperson Shane Diaczuk confirmed that his office “is following up to determine the facts surrounding this release of information and will be taking appropriate measures.”


  • Ho Hum
    • What a little prick.

      • Alain

        Not to disagree about Trudeau, but it smacks of the work of his handlers. Never forget that Trudeau is basically an empty vessel; not that any of that excuses him.

  • Oracle9

    Expose the truth to the Canadian public and you face the full force of the law.

  • Liberal Progressive

    They have to get to the bottom of this right away, otherwise the same person might leak all the other multi-million dollar payouts to other Liberal Party members.

  • k1962

    Why was it a secret? It was our money.

    • Alain


    • Exactly. A Commission should be launched to investigate the Privy Council Office’s coverup of this payout in the first place. Why was it a “secret”? Unless this was a National Security issue, for example if Khadr was secretly cooperating with RCMP/CSIS and got a payout for critical information that he provided in the war against the global Jihad, then there would be no reason for secrecy. The public had a right to know, and now we have a right to know who is behind the coverup and to put a stop to it.

  • I’ll bet he is.

    All of these embarrassing things add up.

  • Frances

    So they’re not ashamed of the payout; just of the leak thereof. What a bunch of wankers!!