Florida: Muslim’s cries of ‘identity politics’ ring hollow in Orlando City Council race

For most voters, a candidate who embraces faith — no matter which faith that would be — is seen as a positive.

But in the case of Asima Azam, a real estate attorney vying to be the first Muslim-American elected to the Orlando City Council, the way she espouses her faith smacks of just a bit of hypocrisy.

  • Gary

    Muslims seem to want to be insiders to tip off Mosques about Police raids or the FBI watching them .

    CAIR Florida asks muslims not to help to help the police or FBI to expose Jihad plots or known terrorists.
    CAIR Canada and Omnar Alghabra’s CAF had asked muslims and Arabs to not help the RCMP or CSIS. When the Arar’s were asked by the RCMP to help them with a suspected terrorist in their Ottawa Mosque ….Sheema Khan from CAIR coached them to not help which almost caused Muhammad Kawaja to complete his terrorism attack in the UK that would have slaughtered hundreds of civilians.

    CAIR-Canada changed its name and con-job Khan jumped ship from CAIR but it doesn’t change how she never told the CBC that her Org was funding hamas with donations as she claimed ot be the voice for Moderate muslims in canada.
    In 2008 , the FBI exposed CAIR’s Hamas funding in the Holy Land trial for a fake islamic charity used by Sheema Khan’s CAIR to get money out of the USA. But the CBC kept having CAIR on their Shows to promote islam and be the moderate voice of islam .


  • Alain

    Having seen how the marxist infiltration of the education system, public office and even government has been, the Muslims are repeating it.