European Supermarket Erased Crosses From Packaging Because it ‘Respects Diversity’

German supermarket giant Lidl has been caught doctoring pictures of the iconic Anastasis Church in Santorini, Greece, which appear on some of its products, to erase the crosses which adorn the building.

  • irishrus

    No politically correct populism … big businesses won’t try to capitalize on.

    Go without as many products of theirs as you can

  • Gary

    More proof that muslims are known for being violent rabid savages predisposed to riot and kill when offended.

  • Editor

    So, diversity in Germany means ignoring 60+% of the population and removing their religious symbol from packaging. I suspect fear of the other, violent 6% is more possibly the reason. Or Lidl has the stupidest marketing department in Germany.

    • Red-Pilled Conservative

      60%? I would wager that that figure encompasses only “nominal Christians”. The number of actual worshiping Christians is much lower.

  • Martin B

    Respecting diversity by erasing diversity. Goebbels lives.

  • tom_billesley

    But it left the campanile in the picture. Bells are an affront to islam. H8rs.

  • The Butterfly

    Well I definitely feel more diverse because of this. At least that’s what I think I’m feeling.

  • laja kurc

    Germans are pagans.

  • If the crosses are too offensive to look at in photos, they are too offensive to be seen in person or on products.

    Lidl stepped in it this time.