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Canadastan: City denies permit for anti-sharia rally; Parade bans float protesting sharia law

A free-speech rally did not take place in Grande Prairie on Saturday because the city cancelled its permit.

A local group called Concerned Canadians for Canadian Values had planned a “free speech rally opposing (the) M-103 Islamophobia motion” at the Muskoseepi Park amphitheatre. However, the group’s organizer, Michael Carriere, was notified by email on Thursday the permit had been cancelled. City Manager Robert Nicolay told Carriere the event could be a threat to public safety.

Is the radical left bringing down President Trump or bringing down the country?

The fact is, groups like Antifa need the threat of white supremacists in order to justify their existence. When they cannot find any Ku Klux Klan rallies to protest against—a common problem, since there are so very few actual members of the kkk in existence—they condemn libertarians and free-speech advocates as fascists. There are many more Americans who believe that the liberties of individuals should not be overwhelmed by the government and who believe in free speech and other constitutional rights. If Antifa can paint these individuals as white supremacists, the “threat” that they pose—and therefore the need for Antifa—becomes much greater.

Sweden: Man sentenced for eating bacon in front of Muslims

A 53-year-old man from Stockholm has been convicted of offensive behaviour, as he among other things ate bacon in front of three women in hijab on a commuter train.

It was on a commuter train in Stockholm, that the man began to eat bacon in front of three veiled women, reports

MacEwan University defrauded of $11.8M in online phishing scam

An Edmonton university was defrauded of $11.8 million after staff failed to call one of its vendors to verify whether emails requesting a change in banking information were legitimate.

MacEwan University discovered the fraud on Aug. 23 after the legitimate vendor, a construction company, called to ask why it hadn’t been paid.

Three payments were made to the fraudulent account: one on Aug. 10 for $1.9 million; another on Aug. 17 for $22,000 and a third on Aug. 19 for $9.9 million.

Disneyland Paris Apologizes After Telling Little Boy He Couldn’t Participate in ‘Princess for a Day’ Event

Disneyland Paris is apologizing after denying a 3-year-old boy the opportunity to participate in the park’s “Princess for a Day” experience.

Noah, a bona fide fan of Disney’s “Frozen” and Princess Elsa, was looking forward to traveling to the Disneyland Hotel for a princess makeover, Hayley McLean-Glass, the boy’s mother, wrote in an open letter to the theme park, shared on her blog.

McLean-Glass originally planned to give her son the makeover for a Christmas gift.

  • simus1

    MacEwan University?

    in Redmonton?
    Hang on. That sounds pretty scammish all by itself.

    • Tweety58

      MacEwan University Notable alumni

      Maryna Goncharenko
      Ruth B

      Daniel Powter

      Linsay Willier

      Shannon Szabados

      Maria Manna
      Maryna Goncharenko
      Darlene Malayko
      Alexander Dussault
      Heather Workman

      Whom ????

  • BillyHW

    Oh look, the antifa strategy to get every right-wing event shut down by going to them and starting violence is working exactly according to plan.

    • Justin St.Denis

      It sure is. But again here, Canadian life is really just a rerun of AN EPISODE of American life. Canadian sheeple will ride this hard until their American betters provide them new stimuli/new script. Sad. Unoriginal, second-rate and tawdry. But mostly just …. Sad.

      Have you ever found yourself wishing even your Canadian political adversaries were capable of originality of some kind? Anybody? Why is Canada so crummy at being original. Does Copy-Cat Canada have ANYTHING original about it? Sad.

      I remember when old-school Canadian broadcast journalist Joyce Devidson quit Canada to marry American journalist David Susskind and live in the USA, she said: “I can sing in the United States; I could only hum in Canada.” Canadians were PISSED because they instinctively knew Davidson was right.

      • BillyHW

        We are pathetic.

  • Blacksmith

    ” he among other things ate bacon in front of three women in hijab”
    So eating bacon in public if there are pisslamist around is a crime in Sweden now?

    • Liberal Progressive

      You mean it isn’t here too? I better give a call to the Prime Minister’s Office!

      • favill

        This occurred in an Ottawa high school a few years ago. When my son was in grade 7 I made him a BLT for lunch. He was eating it in the cafeteria when a kid sitting beside him asked him if he was eating pork. My son replied he was eating bacon. The Muslim kid goes off and says that pork is unclean..yada..yada..yada. My son says, “I don’t know anything about that but bacon tastes great..want to try it?” Next thing you know, I’m being called into the vice principal’s office ( a woman) since my son was bullying three boys. During my discussion with the VP I realized that he wasn’t picking on three boys…but was attacked by three boys…and kicked their butts and then they went crying to the VP that my son had picked on them. I explained to the VP that one guy doesn’t attack three guys…because it’s not tactically sound (I’m in the military)…and that I’ve always told my son never to start a fight. I advised her to call in the attacking students’ parents and discuss with them their sons’ actions. I also told her I would be taking my son out that evening to a special dinner at whichever place he wanted to eat as a celebration for beating three attackers. My son wasn’t ever bothered again by the Muzzies.

  • ontario john

    The media is excited this morning about the annual gathering of death cult members in Saudi Arabia. And they still are ranting about that car fire at a mosque in Quebec. Strange how the media is ignoring the spat of fires and vandalism at Christian churches in Canada. And the media is reporting that a new wave of invaders are on their way from Central America this time. Yes, soon the police will have their hands full, as Haitians have to make room for Central Americans crossing the border.

    • Observer

      May they have a very MERS-y hajj.

  • Editor

    Re: Disneyland – Mothers often wish their sons grow up to be just like them; mentally ill.

    • Gary

      She has a daughter that wants to be the Prince .

      They both want sex changes

      • Editor

        I wouldn’t even be surprised. I wonder though why we haven’t heard what Dad thinks about all this.

  • Clink9

    At least the breakfast looks great today.

    • Alain

      Make that toasted white bread and I’ll agree.