Academics Discover New Way To Get Offended: ‘Invisibility Microaggressions’

Two professors claim to have discovered a new form of politically incorrect offense called “invisibility microaggressions,” which are said to be even more subtle than regular microaggressions. Their proposed solution for these offenses is to get rid of meritocracy.

  • Impress Me.

    A lone black person among a sea of white faces could qualify as one of these invisibility microaggressions — especially if he or she isn’t singled out for being black.

    The professors say that the only way to deal with invisibility microaggressions is for campuses and workplaces to single out minorities and shower them with positive attention, to make them feel less invisible.

    Make “black face” for whitey compulsory, and hand out participation ribbons to real black people for showing up to work. Problem solved. These “professors” are just phoning this shit in now.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      A stranger in a strange land has to accept they are a stranger in a strange land.

      • deplorabledave

        The fact that they won’t strengthens my feeling that blacks can’t mix
        with whites successfully.

  • Dana Garcia

    Next: subatomic microaggressions.

  • Malcolm Y

    If an invisible microagression happens is it invisible? Or even make a sound? Or a spooky microagression at a distance. Or space is pervaded with microagressions and the mere appearance of a victim instantiates it.

  • Malcolm Y
  • CodexCoder

    There are lots of reasons people are noticed. First, our society suffers from a lot of narcissism. Second, personality types – introverts will deliberately take on tasks so as not to have to deal with others (I, being an introvert). Third, there may not be any actions undertaken that attract the interest and notice of others. And there are probably other reasons that I haven’t thought of.


    Whining about it, and claiming that it is the responsibility of others to take notice puts the whiner squarely in reason #1.Just like the rest of the world doesn’t have to value your contribution, doesn’t make it without worth, but the secure person doesn’t really care because they understand their worth, and they don’t need the rest of the world to notice. Narcissism can stem from low self esteem even though most would assume the opposite.

  • Clausewitz

    Looks like the left are well on their way to being able to kill off any opposition without even the hint of a reason why.