The Tower Hamlets foster child story sums up a rotten borough

Which, do you reckon, is more repellent – the decision by Tower Hamlets, a borough rotten to the marrow, to place a Christian child with two successive Muslim foster parents of uncompromising Islamic views, or its reaction to the Times’ coverage of the story yesterday, with a council spokesman saying that its fostering service “provides a loving, stable home for hundreds of children every year”? Both, I’d say, are par for the course.

This incident highlights how Islam treats “other religions” once in a position of power. This hatred is what our vile political class insists we accept lest we be called racist for failing to tolerate ourselves to death.

  • mobuyus

    islamopiphicines are well known in their abilities at rearing kids.

  • bob e

    Tower Hamlets is a problem with no solution.

    • Deportation.

      • bob e

        or genocide. I didn’t want to put that in my post. we are all
        gonna have to be shrewd as the WWW monopolies
        sift thru our sites.

  • These people should never have been considered as foster parents.

  • Frances

    Apparently the child is now with her granny. Why was gran not considered in the first place, given the serious religious and cultural differences?