Rabbis call on Vatican to join fight against ‘radical offshoots of Islam’

Surely they don’t mean Pope Kissy Feet Muslim Suck Up

Rabbinic organizations from across Europe, the United States, and Israel called on the Catholic Church to join their fight against “radical offshoots of Islam” at an audience with Pope Francis on

Thursday, at a meeting in which the Jewish groups expressed their keenness to collaborate with their Catholic “allies”.”We call upon the Church to join us in deepening our combat against our generation’s new barbarism, namely the radical offshoots of Islam, which endanger our global society and does not spare the very numerous moderate Muslims,” read a document drafted by the organizations entitled ‘Between Jerusalem and Rome: Reflections on 50 Years of Nostra Aetate’.

“It threatens world peace in general and the Christian and Jewish communities in particular. We call on all people of good will to join forces to fight this evil,” the statement continued.