Harvey Will Be the Turning Point of the Trump Presidency

Has Harvey shaken America seriously enough to diminish the cold civil war that has overtaken our country? Has it made our divisions seem at least a tiny bit more trivial?

No doubt a hardcore of hate-filled bozos drunk on some witless ideology will always be with us. There’s still a market for Guy Fawkes masks for adjunct junior college professors to pretend they’re violent anarchist revolutionaries out of some Dostoevsky novel they never finished. And the tone-deaf nitwits on the L.A. City Council did choose the occasion of an ongoing massive natural disaster to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, to include a paid vacation for all city employees (but not the myriad other taxpayers of the vast metropolis).

Nevertheless, a flood of Noah-like proportions has a way of focusing the mind, at least for some, maybe even most, of us.