The Revolt Against Diversity’s Inquisitors

The problem is that the Inquisitors are just getting started.

President Donald J. Trump, for all his defects, speaks to white Americans, badgered ceaselessly, told to renounce their heritage and confess ancestral sins. Too many of them — millions — have put up quite a while with censure they feel is unwarranted and unjust. They are in revolt against their priestly inquisitors, and a new round of the culture wars is underway.

This quasi-religious caste and its diversity catechism now direct the nation’s institutions. Not only in media, academe, advertising, and entertainment but also in corporations, government, and the military, chaplains of diversity enforce the new canon law. Convinced of its special moral vision, this caste has no intention of ceding power or tolerating freethinkers. Its job is to root out and suppress heretics and haters — and to propagate articles of holy faith.