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Petition Calls FDR a ‘Racist,’ Looks to Rename NYC’s Roosevelt Island

A petition is calling for New York’s Roosevelt Island to be renamed, claiming that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s decision to send Japanese-Americans to internment camps during World War II was “racist.”

As first reported by the New York Post the petition, posted on Care2 Petitions, calls for the island’s dedication to the Democratic president to be removed, and the name to be reverted back to its native American name of Minnehanonck.

The long Liberal road to Indigenous reconciliation

It was June 2015, and Justin Trudeau, then leader of the third party and struggling in the polls, made what was seen by many at the time as a rather impulsive promise.

He quickly pledged to implement all 94 recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that had been released that day by Justice Murray Sinclair.

Monday, more than 26 months after his pledge of reconciliation, a United Nations committee on the elimination of racial discrimination reported it was “alarmed” that the Trudeau government continues to ignore multiple decisions by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to close the gap in funding for child and family services of Indigenous children.

That’s quite a gap between expectations and delivery.

How Polo Shirts Became a White Supremacist Uniform

In the weeks following the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, AJ+ posted a video that quickly went viral. The video shows a man stripping off a white polo shirt in the midst of counterprotests in Charlottesville to camouflage himself in the streets. It’s been plastered all over social media, racking up more than 850,000 views, with many chiming in on how black and brown bodies cannot simply shed their identity and “blend in.” In removing his white polo shirt, the young man (whose name is not revealed in the video) proclaims that it’s a “fun idea” to say white power. Yet the most glaring and distinctive part of the video is the guy ripping off his white polo shirt and keeping on his khaki shorts. It was his white polo shirt that would have given him away as a white nationalist.

Berkeley Mayor Wants To Cancel Milo’s ‘Free Speech Week’

“I don’t want Berkeley being used as a punching bag,” Arreguin told the Chronicle. “I am concerned about these groups using large protests to create mayhem.”

“I’m very concerned about Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter and some of these other right-wing speakers coming to the Berkeley campus, because it’s just a target for black bloc to come out and commit mayhem on the Berkeley campus and have that potentially spill out on the street,” Arreguin said.

Spend time honouring Indigenous heroes rather than debating Macdonald: Murray Sinclair

The former chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission says tearing down tributes that are considered offensive to Indigenous Peoples would be “counterproductive” because it smacks of anger, not harmony.

Sen. Murray Sinclair says the debate over whether to remove Sir John A. Macdonald’s name from Ontario schools is time that would be better spent discussing the need to honour and elevate Indigenous heroes.