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Non-pork meals must be available for school lunch, rules French court

A French court has ruled that schools should provide an alternative to pork school lunches in the interest of Muslim and Jewish children who do not eat the meat.

The decision came after a rightwing local authority stopped providing a choice for children.

On Monday a Muslim organisation won its legal case against the authority at Chalon-sur-Saône in Burgundy. The court, sitting in Dijon, annulled the town hall’s 2015 decision not to provide an alternative to pork in its school canteens.

Michigan: Terror investigation nabs Muslim with cache of unregistered weapons in Ypsilanti

Yousef Mohammad Ramadan, 28, has not been charged with a terror-related crime and an FBI spokesman declined to comment, leaving it unclear why the FBI’s counterterrorism team and the head of the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s national security unit are involved in the case, whether investigators had thwarted a terror attack or stopped a man from traveling overseas to commit terror.

The case is shrouded in secrecy. The U.S. Attorney’s Office quietly brought Ramadan into federal court Saturday for a rare weekend arraignment that happened when federal court was closed to the public. The arraignment, which was not posted on the court’s calendar, ended with a federal magistrate judge ordering Ramadan be held temporarily without bond.

Alabama Dedicates New Monument To Unknown Confederate Soldiers

Hundreds of people attended the ceremony, although the organizers were prepared for any backlash from “anti-fascist” groups by laying on heavy security at the Confederate Veterans Memorial Park, located in Crenshaw County, Alabama. The park is just 50 miles away from Montgomery, which was the site of the first Confederate capitol before it moved to Richmond, Virginia.

Hillary Clinton book tour stopping in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver

Hillary Clinton is stopping in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to promote her upcoming book “What Happened.”

Her publisher Simon and Schuster says the book is Clinton’s “most personal memoir yet” with revelations including her thoughts and feelings during last year’s failed U.S. presidential bid.

The 15-city speaking tour is being billed as a “detailed and surprisingly funny” look at her journey, the process of writing the book, and her plans for the future.

Trudeau unveils cabinet overhaul, names two Indigenous affairs ministers

In a late summer reboot, almost exactly mid-way through his mandate, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made some major changes to his cabinet.

The largest shift saw Jane Philpott, the much-vaunted health minister, moved to become the second minister for Indigenous affairs, alongside current minister Carolyn Bennett.

Bennet is to become “Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs,” while Philpott’s title will be “Minister of Indigenous Services.”