Says it all about how U’s are shaping SJWs as ignorant thugs

From Victor Davis Hanson:

I once gave a lecture on a local college campus three weeks after 9/11. Dozens of shouting students, egged on by their professor, screamed that the KKK had toppled the twin towers and demanded that I deny it. I said I would discuss it, if just one of 300 students in the hall either could name the founding racist of the KKK or what the triple-K acronym meant. None could; but all yelled louder.

Two years later I gave a lecture on illegal immigration to congressional staffers on Capitol Hill; an activist who was a liberal California House member’s aide, disrupted it, screaming that because I was a “classicist” I must believe in “classist” privilege and “classist” prejudice—and therefore should not be allowed to continue. Again, arrogance and ignorance are our era’s trademark. More.

Reality check: For SJWs, ignorance is a virtue. They are proud of not knowing, not ashamed of it. They will impose ignorance on everyone once in power. Big social media will be glad to help them.

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