ESPN loses money amid attack on hapless jock announcer Robert Lee… for now

From Brent Bozell at Townhall:

Now, ESPN has shown its true colors, which is to say: The people there are idiots. In the wake of the media’s Charlottesville feeding frenzy, it reassigned a college football announcer named Robert Lee away from covering the University of Virginia football game against William and Mary on Sept. 2. Even liberal sports junkies like NBC’s Chuck Todd tweeted: “This is stupid. Sorry. Someone’s PR team is way too sensitive.” As everyone now knows, Robert Lee is Asian-American.

Which means he doesn’t matter. No one is making a living fronting his victimhood.

Taking ESPN to the left can’t look like a wise strategy, as the network’s subscriber base has declined from a peak of 100 million households in 2011 to less than 87 million now. But other liberal networks have shown that their business imperatives are less important than audaciously demonstrating their “courage” and commitment to the “social justice warriors.”More.

Reality check: It will be a very wise strategy indeed if the outcome is CBC-style government funding for Correct Sports, under the next progressive government. Otherwise, ruin.

In short, if people are as stupid as ESPN is gambling they are, it will win.

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