Liberals shipwrecked by identity politics?

From William Voegeli at City Journal:

In his new book, Columbia University humanities professor Mark Lilla laments the phrase “speaking as an X.” Ubiquitous in academia for years, but now increasingly prevalent in general discourse… He wants the Democratic Party to abandon identity politics for the sake of its electoral viability. Effecting beneficial changes requires wielding power, he argues, and in democracies, securing power requires winning elections. In America—vast, diverse, and unruly—such victories can be secured only through “the hard and unglamorous task of persuading people very different from [oneself] to join a common effort.” Lilla thus finds it necessary to instruct fellow Democrats that elections are neither prayer meetings nor therapy sessions nor seminars nor “teaching moments.” More.

Reality check: Lilla’s idea won’t work. One might as well try to persuade scavengers to abandon a carcass as to persuade identity groups to abandon their grievances. Identity stands in for achievement as long as government pays!

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