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Antifa plans march to ‘defend Berkeley from Alt-right’

According to a flyer posted on the group’s social media sites, the event is set to take place at 11:00 a.m., at which point participants will march from Ohlone Park to Old City Hall. The group also posted a formal invite to the event on its Facebook page, dubbing it the “March to Defend Berkeley from the Alt-right,” but the event page was taken down or made private on Tuesday.

In a separate Facebook post, Antifa also slammed the city of Berkeley for not drawing a connection between the white supremacist riot in Charlottesville and an upcoming event that will feature an unremarkable roster of alt-right speakers.

“The city of Berkeley is either lying or completely incompetent when they claim there is no evidence of a connection between Charlottesville and the upcoming right wing rally in Berkeley,” Antifa wrote. “When it comes to keeping an eye on local fascist and white supremacist activity, trust your local antifa, not city officials.”

Council on American-Islamic Relations Mentions Itself 9 TIMES In Plan To End ‘White Supremacy’

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has announced a plan to “dismantle white supremacy” which focuses very heavily on the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

CAIR released the plan, titled “9 Steps to Dismantle White Supremacy and Islamophobia,” earlier this week.

CAIR’s nine-step plan mentions CAIR no fewer than nine times.

Public works introduces government’s 1st transgender workplace guide

CBC News obtained a document outlining the new Support for Trans Employees: A Guide for Employees and Managers, through an Access to Information request.

The guide is a resource for managers that is a “one-stop place where we can provide everything you needed to know with bit of direction,” Donna Achimov, assistant deputy minister of the human resources branch, said in an interview with CBC News.

Justin Trudeau is Deporting Illegal Immigrants…Hypocrite Much?

Today, we turn our attention to the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. You’ll remember that upon Trump’s election, Prime Minister Hair didn’t waste any time in telling illegal immigrants and refugees that Canada will be their rescuer from the big, bad orange man in the White House.

Woman visiting Manitoba confronts self-proclaimed ‘Nazi’ after racist verbal attack

A Calgary woman who came to visit her family in Manitoba this summer says she was shocked by the racist verbal attack she endured when she asked a stranger for directions.

In an exchange captured on video, a man who described himself as a “Nazi” told Calgary teacher Kaniz Fatima to take her “head towel off” because it “supports Muslims.” He also told her to “go back to your country.”