John Robson: If you want to accuse someone of prejudice, use the right word

Christine Williams, under threat of being purged by the Islamist vote whoring Trudeau government.

Can we just clarify here that Islam is not a race? It’s a religion. So whatever concern about Islam may be, it’s not racism.

It should be fairly easy to tell them apart. Race is about skin colour and other superficial physical characteristics and religion is about the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. Hence black, Asian, Arab and white are “races” (yes, of course it’s a pseudoscientific concept) whereas Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and so on are religions.

Too obvious to be worth stating? Well, consider Monday’s National Post story that, “A board member with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, an arm’s-length federal government agency with a mandate to combat racial discrimination, is in jeopardy of losing her post over her writings on the controversial website Jihad Watch.” And her situation is far from unique. To raise questions about militant Islam, or the extent to which fundamentalism is inherent in Muslim scriptures and doctrines, is to invite accusations of racism.

Background – Federal Appointee To Race Relations Board Under Scrutiny For Writings On Islam