ESPN pulls Asian-American announcer from Virginia football game because he has a Confederate general’s name

In the wake of the events in Charlottesville, Va., ESPN decided to pull one of its announcers from calling a University of Virginia football game — because his name is Robert Lee.

  • ontario john

    So every Asian American with the last name Lee, is a Nazi?? And yet they accuse Trump of being mentally unstable.

    • Clausewitz

      The decision was probably made by some fat pant load exec who has more Chins than a Chinese phone book.

  • David Murrell

    My late father’s side of the family all hail from the south, the southeast North Carolina area. So I read a lot of southern U.S. history, including a bio of Mr. Lee — and I had always wondered a bit about the coincidental conjunction of the “Lees”, old English and Asian.

    But for ESPN to pull its Asian Robert Lee from a broadcast is so laughable, it serves as deserved parody against this crazed network. I’m glad its losing money. It serves them right. The business media is passing rumors that the ultra-pc Disney corporation wants to unload ESPN. Pity any unwitting buyer of this dreadful channel.

    • Clink9

      They really are incapable of rational thoughts.

      Totally unhinged.

    • Clausewitz

      And you don’t think that the CBC wants to equate Scheer in the same way? Isn’t that the name of a Nazi Warship? Damn ipso facto.

  • tom_billesley

    Life beats parody.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Just when you thought ESPN couldn’t get worse…

  • CodexCoder

    I posted this elsewhere last evening, and rather than retyping it again, I will cut and paste to save time.

    start with a bit of linguistic analysis. First there are three stages in
    the process of verbal offense. The first stage is the giving of
    offense. Someone must say something that MAY be deemed offensive by the
    party or parties listening. As the speaker, I have complete control over
    what I say, and responsibility for my speech remains with me.

    second stage is the taking of offense (this is how our language
    describes the process and it is a good model). The parties hearing my
    statement must decide that the statement is offensive. It is their
    decision, I have nothing whatsoever to do with their decision.

    final stage is whether to react, to internalize the statement and
    become hostile. This stage, too, is their responsibility and not mine.
    After the words vibrate through the air and hit their eardrums, my
    responsibility ends.

    ESPN is acting very poorly towards the
    announcer whose first and last name happen to coincide with name of an
    historical figure. His middle initial is NOT E. He is not the general
    who died years ago. He would bear no resemblance to that figure, being
    himself Asian. ESPN needs to develop a bit of spine and explain to the
    ignorant souls bereft of good sense that it is just a name. And after
    that explanation, their responsibility ends, even if the hearers are
    offended by their decision. The majority of people watching their
    programming will be appalled at their current cowardice for that is what
    it is. ESPN needs to remember that you can’t please everyone, and that
    integrity matters.

    I am also willing to place a bet that no one,
    outside of ESPN management, actually complained about the announcer
    which makes this current action by ESPN even more egregious.

  • vwVwwVwv


  • Why isn’t the left screaming “Racism!”?

  • tom_billesley

    If he spelled his name Li, as in Jet Li, would he then be linked with Robert E. by homophonophobics.

  • ontario john

    Hammer productions has just announced that the name Christopher Lee will be removed from its old horror films to ease racial tensions.

    • David Murrell


      • Clausewitz

        “Is that all there is?”.

        • David Murrell

          I did a quick check on Wiki. But one can go through a list of Confederate leaders and generals (e.g., Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson) and expand the list of banned people.

          • Clausewitz

            I was riffing on the Peggy Lee song “Is that all there is?”, (Yeah, I’m old), but it seems you nailed it. Why are we letting these leftist fools define what people can name their kids. How much oppression are we willing to put up with.

  • favill

    Too bad his middle name wasn’t Edward.

  • H

    Tucker Carlson’s take on this:

  • chayisun

    I looked VERY closely at the photos. Don’t see any difference. Other then the beard. AND the gray hair. And the clothing. One guy needs to get out into the sun a bit more, kinda pasty. Could be because he’s a lot older and has a lot on his mind.

    As for ESPN I can just imagine what the roundtable discussion was like trying to figure out the actual reason for removing the announcer from one game to another.

  • Dana Garcia

    Where are the Asian victimhood organizations piping up with complaints? One of the tribe is being unfairly targeted, yet they have not been heard.

  • andycanuck

    Does Mr Lee own a horse named Traveller?

    • ontario john

      Traveller’s Insurance Company must change their name!!!!

  • New Centurion

    ESPN made a HUGE mistake his name is actually pronounced “Ree” ….Robert Ree.
    Kim Jung-un is furious BTW.

  • Felicia Scott

    There is an good documentary about the nazis (the real ones) sinking the passenger ship, Robert E. Lee, during WWII. Should it be banned?