Disciplinary hearing for Ontario judge who wore ‘Make America Great Again’ hat

TORONTO – An Ontario judge who wore a hat in court bearing a slogan used by U.S. President Donald Trump is facing a disciplinary hearing Wednesday.

Justice Bernd Zabel is set to appear before an Ontario Judicial Council panel in Toronto to face allegations of judicial misconduct over the Nov. 2016 incident.

He should be applauded.

  • Hard Little Machine

    He should show up to his hearing dressed as Mohamed. Gay Cross-Dressing Mohamed.

    • Or with a Che Guevara T-shirt, that would be ok.

      • Gary

        True, even though Che admired whites and said that blacks were lazy ni**ers and burden on societies .

  • Did he actually sit on the bench and judge a case with the MAGA hat on? The report doesn’t say. Or did he simply wear it to work before he changed into his robe? That’s why I hate Canadian Media — they never report enough information for the reader to formulate an intelligent opinion.

    Whatever the case, Trump is an American President, wasn’t a candidate in a Canadian election and Canadian opinion wouldn’t affect it either way. And what about Liberal Government Minister Chrystia Freeland — she actually travelled to the U.S., endorsed Hillary and spoke out to media against Trump during the campaign. PM Justin Trudeau also spoke out against Trump — more than once. Opinions from sitting members of Canadian Parliament — especially if expressed on U.S. soil to U.S. media — could in fact affect an election at least to some degree.

    Final observation: I don’t see the word “Trump” anywhere on that hat. Is it not possible to believe in the general idea of “Make America Great Again” without automatically associating it with Trump? After all, both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama used the phrase in their respective campaigns at least once, although it was not their official slogan.

  • irishrus

    There is a conservative judge in Canada??
    Oh the humanity!!

    • BillyHW

      There’s at least two now!

  • txfella
  • Dwayne1011

    His defense should be “Would I be here if I wore and ‘I’m with her’ hat?”

  • Gary

    What about the SCOC Judge from a few year back that was on a Cruse ship with hedonists where naked drunks were running around plus sexcapades????

    Oh wait …that was a Liberal Judge and it could have been a NAMBLA cruise where boys were raped in the halls while the CBC and STAR wouldn’t even cover the story and nor would the 8 other SCOC Judges care.
    We saw John Tory give the BLM terrorist a Peace Award at City Hall even whne one of the members asked allah for the strength to not kill whites when they are around them .

  • Malcolm Y

    I’m just wondering why a Canadian would be criticized for making a comment about America. “Prominent” Canadians make all kinds of disgusting slurs about America all the time. Two of the major pastimes of Canadians are engaging in self-righteousness and sanctimony.

  • ontario john

    He should have worn a pair of Trudeau’s colourful faggot socks. He would be on the Supreme Court now.

  • DMB

    This Judge was based in Hamilton and the Liberal bias that was coming out from this story is sickening. In the story the reporter associated Trump with “Racism, Misogyny, and Bigotry”. It was so bad that even the prosecutor admitted out right that the outrage was not because he showed political opinions but it was in favour of Trump. If this Judge had a pro Hillary hat than he would not be on trial and that was blatantly stated in this report. One of the person complaining about the judge said she wanted to “go to the judge’s bench and rip the hat from it”. The left is still fuming that Hillary lost to the point were there is no more logic and reason but only hysteria. This is the kind of attention that a Judge who was accused of receiving a bribe should receive not for wearing a hat no matter what your political leanings are. When the political, judicial system and the media no longer behave in an ethical way is how democracy dies.