Did he bark something negative about Islam?

Seven police officers storm pensioner’s house to take her ‘dangerous’ Yorkshire terrier

  • The Butterfly

    Filthy racist dog!

  • Martin B

    Mad pigs are running loose on the streets of Britain.

  • Hard Little Machine
  • Editor

    Did the driver believe dogs are “dirty” or is he just angling for time off and a payout? Come to think of it, possibly both.

  • robins111

    Any doubt the driver has a Mohammed somewhere in his name

  • K1

    aaaaaaaah….actually …. this CAN BE a terror attack

    I worked at a condo doing security and a Gay man was being pestered by a dog and the children of a Muslim neighbour

    there are a lot of dogs surrounding me who have been trained too attack me
    One dog was on leash at the time but if it had not been it would have bitten me

  • Linda1000

    Stupid British police. Yorkies can barely crunch down regular size dog kibble never mind trying to bite someone. Hope the lady sues or something.

  • DaninVan

    They’ve fallen a long ways from The Battle of Britain. 🙁
    (7 cops?! Seriously???)

  • Maggat
    • Yo Mama

      The muzzies know she is coming on to them and just asking for it!

  • J. C.
  • Brett_McS

    Here’s our two vicious guard dogs practicing their skills:


  • Dave

    It sounds like every last one of the f*cktards called police officers in england should be handed over to isis members immediately for decapitation. Then start fresh and let the next group know that if they are going to be as f*cked up as the last group that they will suffer the same fate.
    Hell, it’s got to start somewhere.