Canadian intelligence monitoring far-right activities after Charlottesville

Canadian spy organizations are working with domestic and international agencies in response to reports that several Canadian far-right activists attended the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this month.

  • ontario john

    Yes, we wouldn’t want them wasting their time investigating the burning down of a Christian church in Burlington, or Toronto imams preaching death to the filthy Jews and Christians. That would be Islamophobic.

    • Muslim votes are too important to risk by engaging in that sort of reckless adventurism!

  • First of all CSIS operates more or less under the same rules as the CIA — they’re not supposed to target citizens! Any info gathered on Canadian citizens is supposed to be “incidental” to investigations on foreigners and foreign threats. Investigations of citizens are the domain of RCMP looking into crime (much like the function of the FBI in the U.S.).

    At least that’s the way it used to be, rather recently. I know this because I’ve read or at least perused some 20 years of declassified (publicly-available) SIRC and CSIS material.

    I dunno, maybe there are loopholes in the current age of global Islamic terrorism. But if that’s the case I hope CSIS has more “intelligence” than these morons trying to hunt “Nazis”:

    • CSIS does have a domestic mandate, they do monitor citizens and engage (or did), in disruptions of potential terror activity. Disruptions may be limited under the changes to security bill C-51 proposed by by the Libs.

      “…The new legislation, Bill C-59, restricts the ability of CSIS to conduct disruption operations that could violate Charter rights, now specifying a process to obtain a judicial warrant ahead of time and a list of actions it can conduct under the warrant. Critics had argued C-51 was far too open-ended in what it authorized CSIS to do to disrupt terrorism threats, and some wanted that power scrapped altogether.”

      They, along with the RCMP, have claimed to be strapped for resources because of the amount of effort needed to watch members of the religion of peace in Canada. They do not have power of arrest.

      • Thanks. And there were always exceptions even before the current Bill(s). That’s what the SIRC cases I studied often covered — instances where Canadians were involved needed a judicial warrant, and if the Judge’s conditions weren’t strictly adhered to it often ended up in front of the Security Intelligence Review Committee.

        My main concern is that under a Left-wing goof-ball ideologue like Justin and an increasingly militant Left Liberal Party our spies will end up chasing non-existent “Nazis” again, as the Libs did back in the ’90’s using the RCMP. Heck, the Libs had people like Preston Manning of the Reform Party under surveillance back then.

  • Tokenn

    All that remains is to define anybody to the ‘right’ of Andrew Scheer as an extremist. Are they taking a look at Antifa as well? Whatever you want to say about Le Meute, they aren’t showing up in masks and starting riots. [There! Now I’m on the extremist list too!]

    • I have heard the OPP does monitor them as for other forces I just don’t know.

  • Bla Bla

    Let me fix the headline for you…

    Canadian Intelligence Monitoring Those who Oppose Mufti Trudeau After Irregular Liberal Voters Swarm Across the Border

  • favill

    I’m wondering how many assets are being expended to monitor all the mosques in Canada.

    • JoKeR


    • There are no mosques in Canada, and if there are then they add to our strength through diversity.

    • They do not monitor mosques in Canada ever, they claim “freedom of religion” is the reason,fear is the real reason I suspect.

  • New Centurion

    meh. It’s CSIS, in addition to the 4 other “right-wing extremists” they have to keep tabs on in Canada, this will probably tax their resources to the limit.

    • They can’t keep up with the religion of peace. The RCMP had to pull officers off of the organized crime detail etc to watch our peaceful Muslim citizens being peaceful.

  • JoKeR

    So are they going to be following Patrick Brown and Andrew Scheer now? 🙂

    • Hardly, both have likely ratted us out already;)

    • irishrus

      but Rebel had a representative there… of course they were already in the liberal hate group

  • simus1

    My criteria for effective law enforcement agencies is a simple one. If the head guy isn’t dodging bullets from an occasional hitman, they aren’t.

  • ontario john

    Another Christian church has been set on fire. In addition to the Burlington church being burned down. a man was arrested in Toronto today for setting fire to the front entrance of Trinity church. No word on whether Trudeau is rushing to the scene to display his outrage.

  • K1

    Must be very difficult to discern WHO is on the CORRECT MORAL PATH in Canada
    ….what with CULTURAL RELATIVISM being the norm
    Security can’t be all things to all people
    Let’s just accept…
    WE ARE A POST NATION STATE….therefore no Gov’t and no Police are necessary
    ….now where is my gun…I’m going to deal with it myself

  • K1

    Was this advertised as a protest against taking down the statue ?
    if it was…
    then you had people who were just normal average joe’s in the protest
    If this protest was advertised as being run by the Nazi’s. KKK types then…
    the average person was not in this group unless…. through word of mouth with not all info having been dispersed

    • Good point. I don’t think Faith Goldy of Rebel Media went there to report on a “Nazi/KKK” rally or give good press to these groups. Heck, the mainstream media was there too. All everybody knew was that a bunch of citizens wanted to protest the removal of a historical monument, and that there would be counter-protestors such as Antifa/BLM there as well. This Kessler character who organized the protest turned out to be a Left-wing “Occupy Wall Street” activist disguising himself as a White Nationalist, which would naturally attract this sort of ilk from everywhere — real White Nationalists, neo-Nazis, KKK, etc.

      It was a false flag from the get-go. I think Alex Jones of InfoWars was the first to “out” this guy Kessler after he invited him on his show — A.J. was suspicious from the beginning. His position was that ALL race-based Nationalist or identity groups — White, Black or otherwise are wrongheaded. That’s when he and others started to dig and found pretty compelling evidence that it was a false flag organized by the Left to smear everybody on the right.

      Lesson learned for conservatives, people on the right, and libertarians, should be that we are dealing with people who can carry out seriously damaging operations against well-intentioned citizens, with widespread negative repercussions. THIS IS NO LONGER A GAME FOR AMATEURS. And Kessler should get kicked in the balls until he turns purple and every tooth in his mouth broken. He should be a marked man — a young woman died.

  • K1

    The more Gov’t allows Muslims to STAY in the West
    The more the average person is going to feel pushed to ‘hate’ groups and when the numbers grow to be voting blocks or big armies….
    The Gov’t must blame it’s self for getting to this point
    Gov’t…. question….
    Are you more interested in getting VOTED IN NOW or SECURITY OF THE ‘NATION”

    The way to deal with this situation is…
    1) Recognize the Muslim world is on a Colonization path
    2) Recognize in every population there are LEADERS & FOLLOWERS
    3) Recognize that ETHINICITIES, RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, POLITICAL BELIEFS are all strong GROUP IDENTIFYERS and all equipped with creating war if the ‘winds’ call
    4) PROPAGANDA SPEWING DENIAL works only for a while
    5) A lack of CDN Nationhood vs a NATION BUILDING aggressor is a losing position
    6) The nicest way to deal with the situation is to send a letter to all Muslims saying Canada can no longer accept your political/religious beliefs and the threats they pose therefore your citizenship is to be removed and you are being given one year to tie up things here and set up in your original countries
    …or does Canada want to live in vigilante group style war
    …. please do not stop me for just trying to protect my own!