Trump Announces Plans To Stay In Afghanistan, Shift To ‘Conditions’ Based Withdrawal

President Donald Trump addressed the nation Monday night about America’s future in Afghanistan and said that the U.S. will remain in there indefinitely until conditions on the ground change.

The U.S. has been engaged in conflict in Afghanistan ever since 9/11, and just over 2,400 American troops have died in the conflict. Trump has long criticized the war and said Monday night at Fort Myer, Va., that his initial instinct was to “pull out.”

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If after 16 years “conditions” have not been achieved I doubt they ever will. Afghanistan won’t be healed.

There is one solution, pull out. In future “WW II” any nation that is found to have supported a terror attack against the west or harbored a group that conducted the attack. Flatten every scrap of infrastructure, everything. Make a Carthage of them.

PS. That was the worst speech Trump has ever given.