Spain: Barcelona Attack Was Preventable

As details emerge of the August 17 jihadist attack in Barcelona, the evidence points to one overarching conclusion: the carnage could have been prevented if a series of red flags had not been either missed or ignored.

The failure to heed intelligence warnings, enhance physical security and report suspicious activity are all factors that facilitated the attack, which had been in the planning stage for more than six months.

The attack was also enabled by the idiosyncrasies of Spanish politics, especially the tensions that exist between the central government and the leaders of the independence movement in Catalonia, the autonomous region of which Barcelona is the capital.

  • P_F

    Every mohammedan criminal activity/war (jihad in arabic) is preventable, only if we open our eyes & brains to their ideology and be honest to ourselves our societies & countries.

  • chayisun

    How often have we heard….”carnage could have been prevented if a series of red flags had not been either missed or ignored.”…….How often have we observed muslims commit terrorist crimes when they, the bloodthirsty members of islam, were known to police?
    Either the members of the so called authorities who are supposed to protect people from these disgusting animals are too stupid to see the “red flags” OR are so politically correct that they are cowards.
    Include one political leader in Ottawa who has no clue about the “refugees” flowing across the borders of Canada.

  • canminuteman

    Spain fixed their muslim problem in 1492. I guess they forgot that lesson over the intervening years.