Silencing debate on grooming gangs is a foul snub to victims

It’s official: people who talk about the problem of Pakistani men abusing white working-class girls have no place in polite society. Raise so much as a peep of concern about Muslim grooming gangs and you’ll be expelled from the realm of the decent. You’ll be shushed, exiled, encouraged to clean out your polluted mind.

  • ismiselemeas

    Here’s Labour’s and the left’s schizophrenia writ large. Criticism of Pakistani muslim rape gangs is islamophobic, criticism of Israel and Jews is not anti-semitic.

  • Dana Garcia

    A nation that won’t protect its children is totally, hopelessly corrupt and evil.

    All jihads have to do is pronounce the magic word “Racist” and British law enforcement melts into a puddle. How weak is that?

    • Uncommunist

      That certainly includes Canada except … it doesn’t happen here *sarc off ! Canada has a history of Not protecting children based on political correctness.

  • Ed

    its only rape if white men do it. that’s today’s left.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I think the direction is pretty clear. Shut up sit down. Let the liberals and fanatics run things. If there’s no one with torches and pitchforks yet, there never will be. I think there’s an opportunity for ‘urban survivalists’ – a kind of survivalist mentality tailored for urban living. Because clearly the cities are going to start to fall.

    • tom_billesley

      “Travellers” set up camp on sports field.
      Local residents gather in peaceful protest and call for the travellers to leave.
      Police arrive with dogs and issue a dispersal order – for the local residents, not the travellers.
      Video shows police officers and dogs with people being asked to leave and told people will be arrested and dogs will be used.

  • tom_billesley

    What is shocking is their lack of diversity.

    • Dana Garcia

      All Pakistanis, you mean?

      Yes, shockeroo.

    • mobuyus

      There has got to be diversity here, they can’t all stink the same can they?

  • Gary

    Take a good look at Trudeau because I’m now a racist just because I want the Laws obeyed for those entering Canada.

    But my background is Native North American and yet Trudeau’s desire to be re-elected in 2019 means that all the Aboriginals can screw-off and get used to having your land invaded one more time.

    I can assure you that if it was white males pouring in with a Holy book calling for killing all the gays and Muslims….. Liberals and mulsms would be outrage and demand that we build a Wall and stop ALL white males from this Cult.
    But since Canada is being flooded with Blacks and those Muslims with a Holy book calling for killing jews and gays……Liberals are okay with that because they are jew-haters along with the CBC .