Overreach: PayPal Bans Jihad Watch, Then Backs Down

When a neo-Nazi psychopath plowed his car into a crowd of Leftist protesters in Charlottesville, the Left saw a golden opportunity to use the moment as its Reichstag Fire, and indulge its increasingly obvious authoritarian tendencies. But when they came after Jihad Watch, they overreached.

  • David Murrell

    Robert Spencer is one of the few conservatives who understands the effectiveness of boycotts. As he mentions in this post, thousands cancelled their PayPal accounts based on Paypal’s fascistic behaviour. I am puzzled why there is no organized boycotts of CNN News, etc.

    Disorganized individual boycotts can work. ESPN tilted to the left, and to this day face falling subscriptions. The share price of Disney has fallen. There is, I think, a fairly tepid boycott of Target’s, that may be going well.

    • Likely has more to do with cable bundling than anything else.

      • Blacksmith

        I have found out recently when bitching about Commie news network everywhere, that they won contracts in the airports and many hotel chains that they are on the screens. One airport even told me that cnn was the only bidder. We have to go after cnn’s advertisers. It will be difficult but I will be looking when at the airports and making notes on who to send emails to about their advertising on cnn.

  • Martin B

    Paypal was scared into dumping Robert Spencer because he’s on the SPLC hate group list, which is held up as Gospel Truth by the MSM and SJWs everywhere. If they’ve come to their senses, that means the credibility of that evil fraudulent organization is going down, which is a good thing.

    • The word about the SPLC is getting out, it is a left wing hate group.

  • Oracle9

    It is critically important to close out accounts with corporations which appoint themselves as our moral censors.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    I never used pay pal, and thank God I never will.