It’s time we really took a look at Trudeau’s political philosophy

Justin Trudeau Brain Scan

Does Justin Trudeau support open borders? I can’t answer that question. Neither can most Canadians, including his colleagues in the Liberal caucus. I’m guessing only his closest friends can, if that.

  • marty_p

    Turdeau is no great humanitarian – he’s simply importing voters – the End Justifies the Means. Francophone Blacks from Haiti are more likely to be loyal to a Francophone PM (and his political party) who allowed them into Canada. He’s simply taking a page out of his father’s playbook – remember the sudden migration of thousands of Jamaican’s back in the 70’s?

    • Liberal Progressive

      But we want people who share our values proven by the fact they will vote Liberal even if they can’t legally vote.

      As Katie Telford says, Vote Early and Vote Often!

    • Yup the deluge will not end, no one will be sent back.

  • H

    Comments like “Canada has no core identity” or whatever exactly he said in this regard, would suggest an answer to the question of whether he believes in open borders and globalism. His chats with George Soros might as well. But regardless of what he actually believes, his actions prove he is little more than a tool of progressives and globalists.

    • He is stupid and that makes him dangerous.

      • P_F

        He’s bloody Stupid & Evil.

  • irishrus

    Only Turdeau could act like merely a figure head for the liberal party and a government ham fisted dictator at the same time.

    He leads homo parades like Obama went to golf courses.

  • WalterBannon

    Trudope is a treasonous douche

  • New Centurion

    It’s obvious that Trudeau is making all this up on fly and simply parrots the last person he talks to on any given issue. He’s indecisive, a waffler and only speaks with conviction on nothing burger/feel good topics where pushback is non-existent. He is a weak leader.

    • He is an airhead.

      • terrence22

        he is both

        • Tooth&Claw

          He was never a leader, only a poseur.

          • terrence22

            and that, as well

      • Will Quest

        & a Hair-head too

    • J. C.

      He’s a puppet.

  • TruthSerum

    Trudeau is doing precisely what the liberals (Blair) did in England – import Third World voters. Obama, another liberal, also did this in the USA. It’s the liberal way!

  • dukestreet

    Why are the media complaining now that they don’t ask the hard questions before they cheered the people into electing the pretty boy with the name? It was just like Obama in the US. I blame the media for giving him a free ride & the electorate for leaping without looking.

    • Tooth&Claw

      The MSM have become irrelevant, they are cheerleaders for this stuff…until their ox gets gored and they actually have to live with the decisions made in reality, not their utopian fantasy world.

  • ontario john

    Brietbart News is reporting that Trudeau stated that abortion is a human right. Canadians must be so proud of our little feminist prime minister.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Men can’t have abortions. So how is it a ‘human’ right? Trudeau, about as philosophically deep as a mud puddle.

  • Reader

    Having met Trudoh a few times I suspect what he thinks about from his perspective is “I, me, mine”.

    Much of what he does when he speaks to you, to project empathy, is to echo back what you say.

  • ontario john

    His philosophy is simple. LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!

  • Gary

    How stupid can he be to send out a Calling to the 7,000,000,000 people outside canada to come here and be welcomed no matter if you belong to a death-cult and hate homosexuals and jews.
    The pipeline took about 7 months for the illegals to get to out spigot and are now pouring out onto our Soil.
    The U.N. reports that there are currently 50 million Stateless refugees as well as a Global refugee population of another 100 million.

    Please Mr. CBC and STAR…….get some balls and ask Justin for a number where I will know how many of the 150,000,000 he will let in for out FREE Health care . I’ve mentioned before that in 2015 I picked up on John McCallum letting it slip that the Liberal were going to bring in 25,000 refugees for each year of the term in power.
    Trudeau is only upset that the 75,000 ” refugees ” to come aren’t coming fast enough to get registered to vote in 2019 .

    I’m so glad that the Immigrants are now seeing how Liberals have treated them like ignorant peons for over 40 years now and that they were SUCKERS
    to obey the Rules and had to wait 5 years to get their Citizenship.
    Maybe now they will take off the Blinders and see that “racism” was a ruse to lure them in as Victims where Liberals would protect them with bags of money to build their ghettos and stay among their kind .

  • Tooth&Claw

    Hmm, his political philosophy: expedience, maxium withdrawal from the public purse to make his own fortune, making sure his hair is shiny, freshly colored and wavy. Sucking up to minority voters in a bid to keep this dictatorial power, and running roughshod over the taxpayer, especially the born in Canada, Canadians of European origin.

  • If the Haitians promised to vote Conservative, every single one of them would be out tomorrow.