Barcelona attack: four Muslims face court after van driver is shot dead

Four suspects arrested in connection with last week’s terror attacks in Spain have arrived in Spain’s National Court in court in Madrid.

The four men detained – Driss Oukabir, Sahal el Karib, Mohammed Aalla and Mohamed Houli Chemlal – will face a judge for the first time on Tuesday at a special tribunal for terrorism. The judge will decide if they are to be charged.

The last known member of the Barcelona terror cell was shot dead on Monday after he was cornered by armed police while wearing a fake suicide vest, and police have said they now believe they had apprehended all members of the cell.

  • favill

    Come on, Spain. Look at your history and treat these guys like Ferdinand and Isabella did so many centuries ago–and how every conquistador in your empire treated the Moros, wherever they found them.

    • Spain is too socialist to do anything but offer its citizens up for slaughter.

  • The Butterfly

    Four lone wolves coming together at the same place and same time…what are the chances?

  • Liberal Progressive

    How could it have come to this?

    Their community will tell you, “they were all such good boys”…..