Are You Tired of the Lies and Rage?

This is a voice the world needs to hear! I can only pray that her clarity and energy stay strong in the face of the tempest she will surely bring down on herself.
The only quibble I have for her is her is her riff about Jews and education. After correctly and charmingly telling her audience that the public education system offers them “an education” if they will trade in their brains in exchange, she does not connect that to the fact that so many Jews have done the same thing. The moral posturing and virtue signaling of the Jewish establishment arose on its own but is sustained in the younger generations by the educational Gulag of the schools and universities in the U.S..

  • Truth DOES have a ring to it, doesn’t it?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Meh. you could substitute a bunch of different things with the same thinking. Why gays/Jews/white people follow Arabs/Islam/NoI/BLM and so on.

    • ntt1

      skin colours may vary but all those followers have the same eagerness to embrace the hatred ,lies and politics of class envy that drives progressive groups.