80% of Women in Muslim Sect in Detroit Case Had FGM

Earlier this year, Federal authorities broke up an FGM network in the United States that had mutilated unknown numbers of young girls. The FGM network was linked to the Muslim sect of the Dawoodi Bohra. Now a Canadian survey shows that a disturbingly high percentage of Muslim Dawoodi Bohra women have undergone FGM.

  • Dana Garcia

    Deport them. They are criminals.

    • Mark Matis

      You’re going to have to get rid of “Law Enforcement” first, because THEY are the GD swill who enable this. Damn them to hell where they belong, and damn their filthy whores with them.

  • Gary

    When I get time I’ll do a search for the News item i read about 5 years ago where the CMA had an issue for the near 400 FGM cases in Canada that they knew about.

    Liberals don’t have the ability for deductive reasoning of foresight. There is a reason for why Muslims want Muslims Doctors and to be served by Muslims Police Officers and Muslms Social services workers.
    The Doctor’s and Police will help hide the barbarism while the Social worker aid the welfare fraud to make them feel like they are back home where Canada is a quasi islamic state because muslims can go through their entire life with very few contacts with non-muslims.

    I shook my head when I saw news articles in the Canadian media that asked is Canada will one day have a FGM crisis.
    How wrong I was back in 1971 when I was in a Printing/Typesetting class to be
    taught what it takes to get a job at a News Paper in the Composing Room where I may get the change to do a Community Interest story with a Byline .
    I liked the challenge for the Printers Box and LinoType machine but felt that I didn’t have that inner drive for the Truth and the W5 to give the Public a story they would be interested in…….but now I see how the STAR and CBC not only hire Diversity reporters using American English – plus don’t know a Center from a Centre – , they rarely use the W5 while the W3 is now the norm when Crimes or Terrorism happens by a ‘Protected Minority’ because all we get is the When …Where….What .
    Think I’m wrong? Watch how the CBC reports an Honour Killing or the Jihad attacks where muslims stab people on the street. The Ottawa attacks recently were by ( WHO ) muslim women in black that ( WHY) obeyed Muhamamd to kill unbelievers ( WHERE) in Ottawa ( WHAT) via Jihad (WHEN) during the day .
    The CBC reported that pedestrians were injured as 2 people with knives made random stabbings . Police say there is no connection to the 2 stabbers and so far no motive.

    Our media has become propaganda Rags for the Liberals and Leftists.

  • ontario john

    Another feminist victory. They must be so proud of their muslim buddies. Just like feminist Trudeau stated, according to Breitbart, that having an abortion is a human right.

  • Alain

    When you import Muslims, pray tell what else do you expect? It is like wanting to put a bandaid on a broken arm while refusing to admit the arm is broken.

  • Hard Little Machine

    sorry we’re too busy messing with statues and screaming about da Jooz.

  • ismiselemeas

    Only now the survey shows this? Is it impossible for Canadians to act on any of this shit before the US does it first? How many prosecutions in the US will proceed before Canada is shamed into following suit? Why is Canada so reluctant to enforce the laws of the land while the US largely is not?

    • Canadians simply don’t care.

      Consider how many sex selection abortions are done because X person wants a son.

      It’s just a foreign culture to the mentally lazy.

  • canminuteman

    Who cares? It’s the fact they’re here that is the problem. Why would I care what they do to each other just because I am forced to share my country with them?

  • simus1

    FGM in this particular cult’s case is driven by the same social and economic forces that are present in the horn of Africa. Sexual pleasure for the prospective husband and assurance for his family that he will be getting the “real deal” for their investment.