Why Barcelona, a tourist paradise, is a ‘Salafist city’

Barcelona, a world-renowned tourist destination, has also been an attraction for jihadists on a trail linking European countries such as France and Belgium to Moroccan criminal networks.

Since the 2004 Madrid train bombings – the deadliest Islamist attack on European soil — Spain had been spared the sort of jihadist violence that has struck France, Belgium, Germany and the UK over the past two years.

  • And yet no one saw the signs.

    Rather, people chose not to see.

    • Because it’s normal.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Well there is a certain ‘this is part of the scenery now’ about this. Living in Africa for a long time, for instance, eventually inures you to being shocked by starving and dead children in the street, domestic violence, public drunkenness, car crashes, rape, murder and suchlike.

      I said years ago that one of the side effects of the Israeli expulsion from Gaza would be the inexorable reset of the ‘water level’ of acceptable atrocities. Any society that nestles alongside Islam finds itself in a twilight state of not-war not-calm. A permanent state of elevated violence, stress, moral insanity and PTSD. Today’s car ramming is tomorrow’s firebombing a crowded rush hour bus on the inside. And then next month’s dirty bomb.

      Just part of the diorama of life with Islam.

      • Indeed.

        Gradually, people will consider the week-end as a time of mass bombings or car rammings. They will predictably act with candlelight vigils. Any impulse to halt these attacks will be ignored and then simply not thought of.

        We will become Afghanistan overnight.

  • Gary

    Here’s something about the Madrid bombing that might explain why Justin seem like a dolt when it comes to alt-muslim supremacist terrorism in canada.

    I was watching a CBC interview with Paul Martin after he lost the Election and was speaking in hindsight for his term as P M . What shocked me was how casual the CBC Host was to not pressure Martin about his admission that he chose not to tell the people in Toronto about the terrorism bombing plot to the TTC’s subway system right after the Madrid attack .

    Yes folks…..this LIBERAL that is part of the Liberal mind set to see immigrants as ignorant peons to exploit for their votes was very calm when he said that he didn’t want to cause a panic or instill fear where people stopped using the Subway when the Muslims terrorism attack wasn’t confirmed.

    So , according to Paul Martin he would also not tell muslims about a terrorism plot to bomb 5 large mosques because they weren’t confirmed.
    Get used to it people because ‘ Confirmed ‘ to a Liberal means that the bombs went off and hundreds were slaughtered.
    Justin is no different and if several ISIS members are getting into Canada among the illegals…….he won’t say a word because it’s not “confirmed’ by the stabbings, rapes and suicide-bombers on the Buses and Subway trains.
    Nice to see how Liberals live in well Policed white neighbourhoods as the leaders have a Security force around them with GUNS but us peons will be the canary in the Coal mines to be slaughtered by islamists to “confirm” canada has a problem with islam even after years of being told it’s a Religion of Peace.

  • xavier

    Actually It’s not Barcelona but Tarragona where those fanatics congregate. Ironic as it both the Episcopal see of Catalunya as well as the capital of Hispania citeror during the Roman empire.
    As much as the Catalan political elites are trying to stave of the backlash that never happens(tm) there’s going to be a very serious rethink of Moslems and the numbers that are flooding the region.
    Because the Catalans are about to be knocked off their delusions and shocked to discover that They’re Mollenbeek on the Ebro.
    And the Moroccan connection will cause a lot of angst.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Maybe today is the we tell them to break off from Spain and deal with this on their own like they’ve been threatening – up to now. As long as Catalonia stays in the EU in some way shape or fashion no one should mind. Just keep all the mutliculturals over in their shiny new country.