Two White Women Harassed for Wearing MAGA Hats at Howard University

So a young, white woman makes the “mistake” of wearing clothing that supports the “wrong” candidate into a cafe. Does she deserve public harassment?


  • Morticiaa

    This happens in Canada. I wearing a red cap no writing, was yelled at threatened and then chased down the street by an ilslamic lunatic with his hijab wearing wife and kids in car. Chased me three blocks in a middle class quiet area… pulled up when I stopped to chat with an old friend in front of a school where she attended her grand child’s grad back end of June… the police did nothing.. my friend who witnessed it was afraid and shocked and took a pic of their license plate
    I reported it to the condo board and they warned him as they rent here
    But of course he lied to the manager and said nothing of him and his wife chasing me down the street
    These people are insane
    Screaming and verbally amusing me and scaring the hell out of me by chasing engine their SUV
    I called the Federal government with the license number and address to report him
    aFTER this incident, I had the hats embroidered with TRUMP
    And another with make canada great again
    And wear them all the time to exit and enter the parkade or if on my bicycle
    So they intimidate or at least try to do so here in CAnada

  • Morticiaa

    Oh yah forgot to say what started this
    I got out of elevator with my nice green bike another old lady
    Chatted either me about the bike colour. And I said ah ya and my red hat is for trump so we talked about she didn’t like him. I did. But this guys was out in front and heard me say yea trump
    That is shy he y
    Lungedcat me and ran yelling abusively after me then a few minutes later had got their SUV and chased me down the street blocks away catching up
    Rolled down windows screaming anusive language racist etc
    My friend was so shocked
    She did get a pic of their license and they peeled off