Pakistan Christian teen detained over ‘Koran burning’

Pakistani police have arrested a Christian teenager after he was allegedly caught burning pages of the Koran. It’s the latest incident in Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy-related arrests and vigilante killings.


  • Gary

    The media and most politicians have sold out canada because when ever I mention about the 260 Canadians slaughter by 2 terrorists out West in BC….they don’t have a clue. Then they don’t know about the Toronto 18 Muslim terrorists that wanted to use truck bombs and slaughter 5000+ people during lunch time on a warm day .

    The 1984 terrorism by 2 Sikh’s to bomb 3 Planes had managed to blow-up a 747 over the Atlantic that killed a total of 329 people where 260 were canadians.
    But good luck trying to find just one Plaque that mentions terrorism or Sikh’s.
    The CBC now calls 9/11 a tragic event as if there’s a good event where 3000 people are murdered.

  • ontario john

    Maybe Brown can celebrate with them , by driving over to Burlington and burning down the rest of that church.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Traitors. They always think they can feed the crocodile without getting eaten themselves.