I’m not Charlie Hebdo

Chairman of national-conservative EKRE, Mart Helme, thinks an end should be put to the “leftist-liberal globalization experiment”. While the politically correct mainstream refused to acknowledge it, the connection of terrorism with immigration and Islam was real, and the choice between a pro or anti-immigration course of existential importance.

While Spain and Finland were mourning the dead claimed in the latest terrorist attacks, the “euro-federalists and bureaucrats” weren’t mourning, Helme wrote in a recent opinion piece for daily Eesti Päevaleht, but using the victims of the attacks as a pretext to once again “move towards a United States of Europe”.

They didn’t waste this opportunity to work towards their goal. Again they called for more cooperation between member states, the connection of databases, and the coordination of anti-terror operations. “Like the stories how we’re not going to be intimated, and won’t give up our values. I’m Charlie Hebdo!”, he added.

Estonians get it.