The Truth Will Not Be Googled

Google has come under scrutiny by free-speech organisations for shutting down neo-Nazi website, Daily Stormer, seemingly too distracted to notice the tech giant has been waging a censorship campaign against news organisations that publish content which conflicts with the narrative of the Washington establishment, along with Facebook and Twitter on the grounds of ‘fake news’.

  • Alain

    Time to break up the monopoly. They have no mandate to impose censorship and they certainly have no mandate to play politics.

  • dukestreet

    Trying to avoid using any of google’s services because of it. I can’t get rid of it completely. Maybe liveleak instead of YouTube etc

    • Editor

      Brave browser and DuckDuckGO for searches. It uses the Google engine but at least doesn’t let them track you and your searches. And a lot of my favorite YouTubers have set up accounts and are mirroring their videos there, waiting for the eventual boot off Youtube. Took some adjustment but completely used to it now.