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Spain attacker showed ‘no sign of radicalisation’

The news that the two brothers were implicated in the Spain attacks shocked relatives, who said they had no idea the pair had been radicalised.

“The whole region is in shock,” Moussa’s uncle said. “He was gentle, always smiling, he didn’t smoke or drink.”

Said said his sons had shown no sign of radicalisation.

“They lived like the young people of their age, dressed like them,” said their father, who was called in by Moroccan police early on Saturday.

“Moussa was a nice boy who didn’t hurt anyone.

Silicon Valley has finally found the one line that can’t be crossed — now it has a bigger problem

In the aftermath of last year’s presidential election, tech execs were unanimous in denying that their various platforms had anything to do with the spread of falsehoods, fake news, and outright lies that allegedly contributed to President Trump’s unexpected election.

“Personally, I think the idea that fake news on Facebook, it’s a very small amount of the content, influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said less than a week after the election.

This is simply rationalization for censorship and persecution of anyone who doesn’t go along with the liberal agenda. If you want proof that private sector leftists control what we are allowed to think and say, here it is.

Georgia Judge Suspended for Comparing Attack on US Monuments to ISIS Actions

In the wake of the Charlottesville mêlée, reactionary ‘social justice’ flash mobs and assorted vigilantes have begun a campaign of attacking and destroying statues and monuments all over the country. The irrational rationale of these activists is that these historic monuments represent oppression and slavery, and therefore they must marked for ceremonial destruction.

Watch this scene in Durham, North Carolina this week where, bizarrely, the hysterical mob of ‘liberal progressive’ protesters lines up to take turns kicking the inanimate bronze statue on the ground, after it was pulled down in an impromptu ceremony. This is an emotive crowd, clearly carried away by the political hysteria.

How a data error revealed deep francophone anxiety

Quebec’s French Language Charter (Bill 101) became law 40 years ago this month, and is seen by most francophone Quebeckers as a bulwark against the erosion of French in the province. A recent fracas over erroneous census figures, however, shows how flimsy this fortification may appear in the larger campaign against the Anglicization of everything.

Statistics Canada recently announced the 2016 census showed the number of Quebeckers speaking French at home declined from 87 to 86.4 per cent over the previous five years, and 78.4 per cent declared French their mother tongue, down from 79.7 per cent. It also reported the number of mother-tongue anglophones in Quebec had increased by 0.6 per cent.

Despite Disavowals, Leading Tech Companies Help Extremist Sites Monetize Hate

Because of its “extreme hostility toward Muslims,” the website is considered an active hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. The views of the site’s director, Robert Spencer, on Islam led the British Home Office to ban him from entering the country in 2013.

But its designation as a hate site hasn’t stopped tech companies — including PayPal, Amazon and Newsmax — from maintaining partnerships with Jihad Watch that help to sustain it financially. PayPal facilitates donations to the site. Newsmax — the online news network run by President Donald Trump’s close friend Chris Ruddy — pays Jihad Watch in return for users clicking on its headlines. Until recently, Amazon allowed Jihad Watch to participate in a program that promised a cut of any book sales that the site generated. All three companies have policies that say they don’t do business with hate groups.

And hate groups are anyone liberals dislike.