A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian right Justin?

Tabirul Hasib a Canadian ISIS member and future millionaire.

Canadian ISIS member identified by Interpol as ‘potential suicide bomber’

h/t TZ

  • Raymond Hietapakka
    • That is Justin’s mind.

      • Liberal Progressive

        I am sure Justin is so upset that he will want to replace this great loss out of Canada with two more Bangladeshi refugees.

  • ontario john

    Feminist Trudeau doesn’t care about protecting Canadians. He is too busy at a pervert parade in Montreal today. Yes, he sends a lackey to the Dieppe ceremony in France today, and ignores the arson attack against a Christian church in Burlington by his muslim friends, but he has time to prance around with perverts.

  • John Boy

    He looks like a typical Liberal cabinet member to me!

  • When one thinks of Canada, one can now think of terrorism.

    Thanks, Justin.

  • Dave

    “A Canadian man is on an Interpol list that identifies Islamic State fighters believed to have been trained for suicide attacks in Europe, Global News has learned.”
    Let’s hope this clown suffers from “premature detonation”. And as a bonus, let’s hope it’s contagious!

  • pdxnag

    Soon, to be older than 35 will be enough “provocation.”