The Forbidden Faction: Stigmatizing White Identity Politics

…Pathetic Nazi cosplayers were, by all the available evidence, few and far between among those protesting the destruction of monuments commemorating the Confederate Civil War dead. But, though only a minority were worshipers of a failed 20th-century German ideology built by one of history’s greatest losers, I do believe that all were there to do more than protest the destruction of historically significant monuments. They were also protesting to promote the forbidden idea that there’s nothing wrong with white Christian Americans advocating for their group or being proud of their heritage.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Within the next 12 months someone will market a service to perform genetic testing on your unborn child to determine how white they are so you can abort them without guilt.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      Turning the progressive womb into a death camp?

    • Solo712

      If the parents are both white, the baby would be too white by definition and you you can get rid of it without the unnecessary effort of testing.

  • Oracle9

    Framing the concept this way zeroes in on the roots of the histrionics and madness sweeping North America.

  • Gary

    Don’t mean to get off topic but I wanted to know when Obama became transophilic because I am seeing some really hate filled youtube posting by the liberal media that have a mock debated .
    Don’t forget that Hillary and Obama became homophilic right after they got Chris Stevens killed by muslims because Stevens was gay. The election was under 60 days away and the benghazi deaths had to be covered-up and blamed on a youtube video about muhammad because muslims are predisposed to rape and murder when offended.
    So they both conspired and fooled GLAAD to distract them by tossing them the same-gender marriage rights. But wait…..the CEO of Mozillia was hounded until he had to quit because he gave money to a traditional marriage group in 2008 even when Hillary and Obama oppose gays marriage in 2009 .

    So…..i did a Google search to know when Obama became transophilic during his 8 years and all I got was Trump bashing hits.

    Here’s what a entered [ obama ] + [ transgender] + [ military] + [ policy] …search key .

    Do it your self and not 1 hit is about Obama’s date for when he allowed trans people in the Military.
    This is worse the FaceBook that now filters my NEWS items which they pick to get through . The comment section for the News are 90% democrat supporters that agree with the bias News .

    When the CBC reported how Justin was the First PM to march in PRIDE……they had an overt bias to point out how Rob Ford hasn’t marched in PRIDE as an Homophobe…..okay Mr. cbc , but your story exposes how Jean Chretien and Paul Martin were homophobes just like Rob Ford.
    Wynne was the first Premier in Ontario to march in PRIDE ….Translation : Bob Rae, David Peterson and Dalton McGuinty were homophobes .

    Why is Google covering for Obama ?????

  • DMB