Muslims Tell Europe: “One Day All This Will Be Ours”

This week, yet another Islamic terrorist attack targeted the Spanish city of Barcelona. As it was for many years under Muslim rule, it is, therefore, like Israel, land which many Islamists believe they are entitled to repossess.

At the same time, far from Spain, elementary schools have been closing, shuttered by the state after the number of children dropped to less than 10% of the population. The government is converting these structures into hospices, providing care for the elderly in a country where 40% of the people are 65 or older. That is not a science-fiction novel. That is Japan, the world’s oldest and most sterile nation, where there is a popular expression: “ghost civilization“.

According to Japan’s National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, by 2040 most of the country’s smaller cities will see a dramatic drop of one-third to one-half of their population. Due to a dramatic demographic decrease, many Japanese councils can no longer operate and have been closed. Restaurants have decreased from 850,000 in 1990 to 350,000 today, pointing to a “drying up of vitality”. Predictions also suggest that in 15 years, Japan will have 20 million empty houses. Is that also the future of Europe?

  • SDMatt

    What are the two rows of wire thingies in the accompanying cartoon?

  • Gary

    Did anyone notice how the CNE said it beefed up security thanks to islam and yet Justin has the Birders wide open to let the alt-muslims supremacists in.

  • Ron MacDonald
  • Hard Little Machine

    Europe is concerned about one thing – who is going to take care of them in their dotage. They know they’re dying out. They’re done, spent. They are looking around for homecare nurses who are going to feed and wipe them. After that they don’t care. There is no European civilization because a civilization implies that the members in it envisage it carrying on long past their lives. The gothic cathedrals were built by men who knew they would never see them completed, their sons would work on them and never see them completed. Even the kings, emperor and dictators thought they were creating something, for better or worse that would be around for a long long time. But all of that’s gone. This is the last generation that gives lip service to any of that. Since the end of WW2 with the growth of the social welfare state people worked toward enriching themselves, not their offspring. So not having children and not maintaining a replacement birthrate is a symptom, not a cause. Why spend money and effort for the next generation when you can lavish it all on you? Africans and Mideast Muslims, because they were the nearest physically to Europe, were happy to rush in to be that generations’ service workers, home aids, nurses and cling to many of the same lavish social welfare benefits the old people were exploiting. Of course in a generation when all the geezers have passed on and all the money they accrued from working high wage high skill jobs for a lifetime has been spent, those nurses and home aids will look around and wonder why the lights went out, the water doesn’t come out of the faucet.