Russia: Knife attack that injured 7 by man wearing fake suicide vest has police stymied about motive

The Surgut police are trying to establish the motive for his stabbing spree.

Investigators are currently trying to verify a claim that the attacker suffered from a mental illness, the police told TASS.

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  • Alain

    Good lord this “trying to figure out the motive” thing is like some infectious disease spreading across the globe.

  • tom_billesley

    Surgut knifeman has been named as 19-year-old Artur Gadzhiev
    He was originally named as Bobichel Abdurakhmanov but his ‘real name’ was later reported by Mash, a media seen as close to law enforcement sources,

    He is believed to be from Dagestan, same as the Tsarnaev bothers’ parents. He was living in Khasavyurt, a town in Dagestan and it is not known why he was in Surgut.
    Gadzhiev’s father Lametulakh was reported to be registered with Russian police as an ‘extremist’ and ‘supporter’ of radical Islam.

    A new CCTV video recording shows Gadzhiev appearing to plant and ignite an explosive device in a shopping mall before going on his stabbing spree.