Dick Gregory, Trailblazer of Stand-Up Comedy, Dies at 84

Dick Gregory, a pioneering force of comedy in the 1960s who parlayed his career as a stand-up into a life of social and political activism, has died Saturday of heart failure, his rep confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. He was 84.







Walk In My Shoes – Dick Gregory’s First TV Appearance

He developed some interesting views…

  • Frances

    “I speak as I find” may well have been his motto. I did not always agree with him, but then I did not walk in his footsteps. RIP Mr Gregory.

  • ntt1

    the man earned my respect back in the 60s, when he initiated actions against Johnson and Johnson for failure to provide band aids that were flesh coloured as advertised .in those days the only band aids were beige y-pink, his point was there was no flesh colored band aid for blacks. he performed an excellent comedy routine based on this fact and all band aid manufacturers were shamed into changing the description of the colour to “neutral”, he may have gone a bit odd in his old age but I guess he earned it.

  • Shebel

    Look on the bright side—-
    You always stood up for your Victim hood.

  • David Murrell

    Dick Gregory’s death reminds me of two stoies, way back when during my U.S. leftist days in 1968. As a student then, I was helping out the radical left Peace and Freedom party, of which Dick Gregory was the nominated leader, for the 1968 presidential election run. The party, for cheap advertising, printed up U.S. dollar bills with Dick Gregory’s face in the middle, instead of George Washington’s. One day late in the campaign some of us (I am not going to admit to being in of the group) wondered if the P&F bills would work in the dollar changing machines of the day — even with that black face in the middle. Sure enough the fake bills worked! The radical students used the fake bills until they noticed strange men in expensive suits milling around university buildings.

    The second story has to do with the fact that the Peace and Freedom party was made up of rich, snooty white leftists and black militant leftists (no I was not rich back then). At any rate, friction between the two groups started up, and soon some of the black militants broke away to form the Freedom and Peace party — this when Dick Gregory was the head of the Peace and Freedom party. OK, maybe the second story is funnier than the first.