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“Is this the day the Internet dies?”

I’ve been on the web for a long time—When I started using the web, there were about one hundred web sites in the entire world. Even in those early days, the Internet’s greatest strength has always been freedom—It’s a place you can promote, great ideas, terrible ideas, silly ideas, or just display your collection of thousands of vintage beer cans to the world. But right now that freedom is under threat like never before.

College Republicans flip script, demand the Muslim Student Association denounce Islamic terrorism

In the wake of the white supremacist terror attack in Charlottesville, liberals made a deafening call for conservatives to denounce the fringe alt-right. The SDSU College Republicans posted a statement which read we “denounce the ‘Unite the Right’ demonstrations… The hateful views of white supremacists do not represent Republicans or the Republican party as a whole.”
Now, as conservatives ask mainstream Muslims to denounce fringe, Islamic terror organizations, there seems to be a double standard; the request by the campus College Republicans has ruffled feathers in the American Muslim community.

Duelling weekend protests pitting right-wing, anti-fascists groups in Quebec City

Duelling weekend protests pitting pro-refugee groups against those opposed to “illegal immigration” have Quebec’s premier worried things might get out of hand.

“We (must) always remember all forms of extremism feed off one another, so we have to be very careful about what we say, how we say things,” Philippe Couillard said Friday.

Right-wing group La Meute is organizing a rally in a yet-to-be determined location in Quebec City against the flow of illegal entries into the province from the United States.

The Rise of the Violent Left

For progressives, Donald Trump is not just another Republican president. Seventy-six percent of Democrats, according to a Suffolk poll from last September, consider him a racist. Last March, according to a YouGov survey, 71 percent of Democrats agreed that his campaign contained “fascist undertones.” All of which raises a question that is likely to bedevil progressives for years to come: If you believe the president of the United States is leading a racist, fascist movement that threatens the rights, if not the lives, of vulnerable minorities, how far are you willing to go to stop it?

McMaster and the Deep State: Protecting Obama Agendas in a Trump Administration

The greatest threat to the United States and its Western allies today is the prevalent establishment Big Lie that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance that poses no danger to millions of lives, spiritual and intellectual truth, and freedom itself. Yes, there are many Muslims whose practice of Islam is secularized, modified by syncretism, or purely cultural who do not follow the Jihadic teachings of the Koran and Muhammad, but Jihad (war, deception, and conquest) for the sake of Allah against all non-believers is a foundational doctrine of Islam found abundantly in the Koran and even more so in the Sunna, the sayings and actions of its principal prophet, Muhammad. Although we frequently refer to this strong Jihadic content of the Koran and Sunna as “Radical Islam” for the sake of diplomacy, commerce, and individual courtesy, “Radical Islam” is fundamentalist Islam, the true Islam.