The Trans Juggernaut Wants Your Kids, And Public Schools Are Just The Beginning

Parents are finding fewer and fewer ways to protect their children from being used as guinea pigs inside an experiment constructed by unelected bureaucrats.

If you had argued pre-Obergefell that de-sexing marriage would lead to drag queens leading preschool storytime in public libraries and public schools hounded into hiding their mandatory sex ed curriculum from parents after a settlement requiring trans-friendly “education” starting in kindergarten, you would have been called an unhinged bigot. How could what two consenting adults do privately have any effect on whether five-year-olds are told they should consider cutting off their penises? Preposterous. Fear-mongering. Wild-eyed insanity.

  • Adam

    My kids have never attended a public school. Either private, home school, or college classes (mostly math and science). We had a private English tutor who tried left wing indoctrination (mixed with Jew hatred…I guess she had no idea they’re half Jewish!). Needless to say, she was fired.

    • Jane

      I’m a home school parent too. It was the best decision that we ever made regarding our son. My husband and I were lucky during that time frame, because we had complete freedom to teach our son what we felt he needed to know, without any intrusion from the Board of Ed. Such freedom no longer exists for the majority of home school parents. In the article, it says that they are targeting home school instruction too. What the hard left is doing to minor children with the trans agenda – is blatant child abuse. Our politicians are useless whores – they cater to the LGBT movement, regardless of the devastating consequences to the lives of young children, and cater to Islam, regardless of the horrible consequences on Western society. Islam and the hard left have a marriage made in hell. These are very troubling times for so many reasons.

  • Gary

    Since the TDSB has used the term Co-Parenting . It’s now in their hands for that boy that drowned while under their care.
    Let’s force Wynne to send in the CAS and arrest the teachers for child-abuse .

    • Jane

      Sounds good to me.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I wonder if “democratic backlash” has crossed the tranny lobby’s mind. Because last week we saw a genuinely obvious tranny (or really bad drag queen! Hard to tell the difference these days.) in Georgian Mall in Barrie. I don’t know if it encountered any trouble, but it was being tracked by a few teenaged boys. Whether the boys were motivated by morbid fascination or something more sinister is anybody’s guess. But if the “majority” start feeling genuinely bullied (which they already should, at least in Ontario), there IS going to be payback/backlash. And it may take a sinister form. Just saying! You gotta admit that a breaking point WILL be obtained. What will happen then? Think about it. The possibilities make my skin crawl…..

    • Tooth&Claw

      Teenage boys aren’t buying the Bullschidt.