Charlottesville, Barcelona, and the Left’s Nostalgia for Naziism

Within minutes of the announcement of the vehicular terror attack in Barcelona, Jim Sciutto and Wolf Blitzer of CNN were opining that the horrifying events in Spain may have been inspired by (i.e. were a copycat of)  Charlottesville.  The implications of this comparison are not only wrong-headed, they are reactionary and dangerous to the American public and the world.

And this is for even more important reasons than the fact that Barcelona was a catastrophic attack with, as of this writing, 13 dead and over 100 wounded, many seriously. (Coordinated attacks were apparently attempted in other parts of Catalonia.)

What happened in Charlottesville?

  • ontario john

    One person gets killed by some loser in Virginia, during a confrontation of a handful of Nazi wannabes and a group of socialist thugs, and all of a sudden North America is over run with Nazis. And of course CNN, the rest of the media, and the political elites, are shamelessly using this incident to destroy the Trump administration. And of course the media and political elites in Canada are using this minor incident to destroy any conservative elements in this country. Meanwhile Islam murders thousands every year.

    • The media needs to juice this unfortunate event for all its worth, but give it time, the public knows they are lying.

      • terrence22

        hopefully MOST OF the public will, but some, if not many, will not

      • ontario john

        Except in Canada, where people must believe what they are told.

      • bob e

        hope so boss

  • There is something about Nazism and communism that violent, irrational control freaks find appealing.

    • Tooth&Claw

      They can’t control their own thoughts, emotions and random desires . They figure others can’t do that either, so then they want to control others.

      • They know that there are people who can and that chaps them.

        • Tooth&Claw

          Also true. Resentful ghits with a superiority complex at heart.