Trump Spoke Truth About ‘Both Sides’ In Charlottesville, And The Media Lost Their Minds

The media behavior in the wake of this press conference was arguably something new, a sort of grotesque watermark of the media’s coverage of the Trump administration thus far.

Our media have a problem: they are essentially incapable of covering Donald Trump with anything less than full-on deranged hysteria.

I do not say this as an excess of rhetoric or op-ed theatrics. It is a very real, very pressing problem, only getting worse, and it poses a significant danger to the social fabric of the United States. Twenty-first century American media has the ability to shape our discourse and shift our public consciousness, and it is abusing that power in the worst ways possible. This is likely a bigger problem than any of us realizes.

  • Gary

    The CBC is now exposed as so corrupt that it must be broken up and sold off for the Property and Studios .
    Liberal bias media is going to start a 1967 Detroit style riot where blacks torch Toronto and the Government housing. The CBC always attacks non-Liberals while giving a pass to drunks and drug users like Michael Bryant and George Smithermen .
    Imams can call for murdering gays or hanging women in public and yet Susan G Cole has yet to condemn them while she also refused to protest 2 pro-hamas groups in PRIDE on top of the child-abuse by near naked male exposing them self around children .

    This is why I know the Police and Liberal will hide the muslim rape gangs , honour killings and pedophile imams .

  • Ed

    “…Twenty-first century American media has the ability to shape our discourse and shift our public consciousness..”

    Sorry. That capital has been spent. Everyone is on to them now, and the louder they howl the more obvious it becomes.

    • Alain

      Yes, it has been spent but they refuse to recognise that fact. The MSM on both sides of the border still believe that they have a mandate to transform society (social engineering) instead of reporting as accurately as possible the news.

  • Martin B

    Their full-on deranged hysteria is making them look bad and making Trump look good.
    No matter what some talking turd on TV tries to tell you, the people are on Donald’s side – they want Confederate statues to stay where they are and they know that Antifa are fascist scum. Don’t panic.

  • Malcolm Y

    Trump wasn’t right. UniteTheRight had a permit; they had no weapons; they were going to have an assembly. Antifa CAME THERE to attack them; did so; and were helped by the filthy government of Virginia and the filthy cops of Charlottesville. UniteTheRight did absolutely nothing wrong.

    • Alain

      You are correct about that. Imagine however if Trump as stated the complete truth what the reaction would be, when with even this mild statement, and an incorrect one, results in such mass hysteria.

  • bargogx1

    Trump called out their shock troops, that’s what really pissed them off.

  • Old Guy

    Something stinks about Charlottesville

    It may take some time before we know the truth about what happened in Charlottesville, VA.

  • Reader