Today in idiot converts…

Non-believers are on the nose: Preacher who converted to Islam says Muslims have cleaner bathrooms, are more polite and smell better than those who don’t worship Allah

  • Maurice Miner

    We Aussies are superb at being able to sneak into enemy encampments, and cause massive destruction.

    I hope that this is evident here…

  • Tweety58

    Stay away from a muslim’s left hand…..better yet…..stay away from muslims

  • I can live with the “smelly” label. But I don’t think I could live with the label of destroying Churches and cutting off babies’ heads.

    I can live with “smelly” hippies like Bob Dylan, and “impolite” comedians like Lenny Bruce because as Dylan wrote, “[He] Never robbed any churches nor cut off any babies’ heads”.

  • Clausewitz

    If you’ve ever been downwind from one of the Muslim Angels of Death all dressed in black, you’d know this guy is full of shit.

  • marty_p

    Obviously this clown has never been to Canada’s Wonderland on “Muslim Day” – the air is so thick with the smell of unwashed bodies, there is a yellow haze.
    I’ve been to Egypt, a country that is so filthy (with the unwashed masses) that the flies in Egypt have their own flies.
    As someone who spent his university student years as a utility installer, venturing into public housing, I can tell you with all certainty that Mo’s live/are no cleaner than their “White Trash” neighbours. Yes, the halls of their apartments weren’t piled to the ceiling with empty beer and liquor bottles, but their kitchen counters were piled to the ceiling with the same unwashed dishes and the same cockroaches were everywhere.

    • Exile1981

      Back in the early 90’s our college building issued keys to the bathroom to students but not the muslim ones. The muslim students had ‘issues’ using sit toilets and used to defecate on the seats and floor. So they gave them a special bathroom to use and it was always filthy.

  • Will Quest

    He smells their asses every time he prays…… destroyed olfactory …….

  • ontario john

    Just when you thought Islam couldn’t get more insane.

  • Gary

    Bull. Over 90% of the niqab clad person in my area smell like they live in a musty basement or still don’t know what that shower is for in the apartment. As for the men , they don’t brush their teeth or use mouth wash.
    The muslims women are stuck with slobs while most men keep the wife in the kitchen and at home to raise the kids.
    Sex is only to pump out more muslims since the FGM

    I have No muslim friends because each time I met one it doesn’t take long for the jew-hatred to come out and calls for killing all the gays in Canada. Liberals don’t get it….. the quran allows muslims to lie to the unbelievers and fool them that you are peaceful while you curse them in your heart and plot to destroy their house.

    • WalterBannon

      Oh I think the liberals know full well, this is the party that calls Israel an apartheid state and sponsors boycotting and divesting of Israel, while funding the Hamas terror group and putting a bunch of muslims including one who is not even a legal citizen in their cabinet. Liberals are odious douches.

  • WalterBannon

    We should copy Islam on their policy that being an apostate is a crime punishable by death. Convert to Islam and face the penalties.

    • DVult

      i would bet the majority are mentally defective.

  • Everyone Else

    This is a major component of Islamic supremacism.

    They pray 5 times/day, and have to wash their feet before they pray.

    This technique ensures the dirtiest part of the body becomes the cleanest.

    It under-girds their claim they don’t want the dirty feet of the infidel making Muslim land impure.

    Never underestimate the deep strategy behind their claims.