Muslim states top global list of countries viciously applying blasphemy laws

Of course Canada is not far behind… Muslims protest against freedom of speech in Toronto – 2012

THE ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan has been ranked second on United States government list of countries that implement blasphemy laws counter to human rights principles, being beaten only by Iran.

The report entitled Respecting Rights? Measuring the World’s Blasphemy Laws published by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom ranked nations according to the relative severity of their blasphemy legislation, with a high ranking indicating “that these states’ prohibitions on blasphemy most run counter to international law principles.”

  • Tweety58

    Fuck Islam

  • Gary

    Wynne’s Attorney General is a devout muslim which is no surprise since Dalton and her went after the islamist votes and gave then a Mosque in the Valley Park PUBLIC school.
    Payback time where islamsist now have a SAW in power to impose sharia in Ontario and make it just like the hell-hole his parents fled .

    The only good news is that Wynne will be among the first ones gays tossed from the CN tower which will look good on a smart phone one day with Super super HD and THX smelloround to get a whiff from the phone of the irony as she hits the cement and bounces a few times to knock off her rainbow button and FREE-palestine Pin as well as the badge with the Red Bar through the word islamophobia.

    There needs to be a new word for Stupid where a christian lesbian puts on a hijab in a homophobic mosque to assure the people that they can practice Sharia in Canada , even when it call for murdering gays.
    Even the Human Rights commission in Ontario has islamists inside that filter the Complaints or get to see who the trouble makers are and give their address to the islamists thugs.

  • Millie_Woods

    The US is currently going through a form of blasphemy frenzy. It’s not pretty.