If true Steve Bannon will rank considerably lower in my estimation…

Bromance begone: Gerald Butts must ‘disavow’ reported friendship with Steve Bannon, NDP leader says

Asshole and Steve Bannon

  • Gary

    Just wait until the white elite Liberals in Toronto find out that Justin touched a negro .

    • Heh;)

      • Gary

        I wish it was a joke but that’s why the white elites at City hall hated Rob Ford. He went into low-income housing that had black people for foreign nation and it set an example that upset Pam McConnel and Kyle Rae .
        David Miller lives just West of me and when the City hinted at a men’s homeless shelter on Bloor just South of his home….he put an end to that fast because his daughter weren’t going to be put at risk for rape when there are plenty of poor areas with ignorant peons .

        Miller was Mr . Green with his Prius Electric car as Mayor. But that was for show because one day I saw him on Bloor getting into a 7 passenger V6 mini-van by himself.
        I was at a charity event in public when i saw a Limo pull up around the corner….out walks a CBC celeb in a track suit and given a bicycle as a PR Photo person get a shot of them .
        Then back to the V8 limo with AC as the bike awaits that next PR stunt ……now shock that the tires on the bike looked new when it only get pushed about 30 feet a year from storage to a photo op.

  • Ho Hum

    If true then Bannon isn’t the genius he is made out to be – actually he was stupid to give that interview with the left wing magazine yesterday.

    O/T Joe Warmington is reporting on twitter that Faith Goldy has been fired by the Rebel!

    • Yes I heard that, it is a shame, I think it was a rash decision. Was it poor judgement on her part? Sure but forgivable, she is not a Nazi etc etc etc.

      • Ho Hum

        I don’t understand why (or how) she was on a Daily Stormer podcast – that website was shut down.

        • Evidently prior to the site being de-hosted.

        • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

          She wasn’t. People rebroadcast other’s streams all the time.

          • Most Canadians didn’t even know who “Daily Stormer” was until recently. I never heard of Richard Spenser before until a few months ago. David Duke I heard about many years ago, but I’d forgotten who he was until he became an issue in the Trump campaign — heck even Trump briefly forgot who he was! Nobody pays attention to these idiots, it only makes sense.

            So the Left uses it to smear and divide and us. Same old, same old.

            Underground radio, underground net broadcasts, underground TV. Especially if the only tiny free speech media in Canada closes. It’s not that difficult, but it can’t be organized publicly — can’t detail ideas here or it’s doomed before it starts.

            Jus’ sayin’.

          • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

            underground is just an echo chamber.

            Rebel media site is down…..


          • No, it’s a subversion chamber. And we have every right under the Magna Carta to subvert dictatorships. Plus it will be necessary just for day to day survival. Have you not noticed how many conservatives and libertarians are being targeted for firings around the country? I’m not suggesting that we meanwhile abandon the public forum, but at a certain point the fascist Left will have the power to make that decision for us. We best be prepared with a back-up system.

      • Jabberwokk

        Spoiler alert: Ben Shapiro is right about Bannon.

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

      “we all screw up — you don’t throw someone overboard for making a mistake”

      And does exactly that.

      I’m getting suspicious Ezra going to shut down Rebel and take a hike with a lot of money.

      • Tooth&Claw

        The optics are very poor for the Rebel.

        • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

          This is Caolan Robertson’s version with secret recording of Ezra.

          The non-stop asking for cash and the lie about Sheila not having security while asking for money to hire someone they already hired (Barry Haughian) and fundraised to pay tells me Caolan is more likely telling the truth and was going to expose Ezra.


          Laura Loomer along with Ezra scammed $13,000 out of donors
          for a minor arrest for tresspassing, fine $250 if you plead guilty.

          She then got a nose job and her lips done and refuses to say where the rest of the money went.

          • Tooth&Claw

            The truth will out at some point. I’m leery of believing either side, frankly. Divorces of any type have two sides, and the truth.

          • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

            Sheila lied about not having paid security – asked for money
            Sheila lied about being punched in the face by Dion Bews.
            Ezra never produced a Iraq doc. which he collected $25,000 for.
            Ezra did not produce an Israel doc. he collected money for.
            Ezra did not make an app he collected $5000 for 3 years ago.
            Laura Loomer still hasn’t answered where $13,000 went.
            Laura Loomer faked an attack on her car.
            Ezra had to be shamed into posting proof he gave the Red Cross
            the money raised for the fires in Fort Mac.

            Rebel has contantly asked for money to cover stories
            despite Premium existing to fund that.

            Everything this guy says seems to add up, everything Rebel seems to
            do is built around more fundraising with no cap put on donations
            for items.

            Who the hell pays “Ransom” money TWICE if there is nothing there to hold ransom?

            The smell at Rebel has been getting stronger for the last 2 years..

            I’ve said it before, Ezra is good at starting stuff but quickly burns it to the ground while pocketing the profits.

          • Tooth&Claw

            As I said, the optics are very poor. Unless Ezra can be transparent about where the money went, it all looks like a massive panhandling enterprise.

          • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

            There’s more, Ezra got caught on tape admitting there was no blackmail.

            Previous to be canned they needed money was for a larger apartment closer to Tommy Robinson with space to build a studio. The apartment is in London. so the rent isn’t going to be cheap.


          • Tooth&Claw

            That wouldn’t be a surprise to me. I was never a subscriber, but I did donate once to offset some of his legal bills when he fought the HRC.

          • Jabberwokk

            The thumbnail is engineered cleverly. It’s got the Rebel media name to make you think It’s one of their videos, certainly up until recently worth the click. The authors visage presented as rationale contrasted to a cook looking figure behind him. One might think you were being lead toward a certain viewpoint before even watching the video.

    • PaulW

      If true then I’m done with the Rebel, personally.

    • mauser 98

      ..disagree ………Bannon knew stupid snowflake magazine would bite and twist anything…
      Fox News plug would be ignored

    • mauser 98

      Faith Goldy is cookin’ hot

      really like Ezra,, but he should reconsider

  • Waffle

    Good thing I read this piece of trash right to the end and put my lower jaw back in place. Surprise, surprise — Mr. Ballingall works tor the Toronto Star:


  • BillyHW

    Put them into a room together and watch the matter anti-matter reaction go boom.

  • CoolTolerance

    It’s a necessary working relationship, nothing more. Friendship is a big word and I’m certain it doesn’t apply. Mulcair looking for much needed attention.

  • Alain

    That is as likely as Trump being friends with short-pants Trudeau.

  • Jay Currie

    I fear that the rodents are diving off the ship. And some of them, including Faith, were good rodents.

    Ez has no judgement at all. He needs to be in front of the camera and have smart people tell him what he should be talking about.

    I fear that The Rebel was pretty much cooked when Ez decided to be “The Rebel Commander”.

    Which is too bad as Canada needed alternative media. What we did not need was Captain Queeg on the bridge. Rather than losing talent like Faith and Brian and Barbara, Ez should have stepped down and let someone competent take the helm. Too late now, The Rebel is on the rocks and the tide is going out.

    • shasta

      “Ez has no judgement at all.”

      It is Trump’s problem also. When you are dealing with a population that runs mainly on emotion you have to be very careful with how and when you say things that are perhaps not intuitive so that they can use their cognitive ability to digest it.

      • “Ez” should have run for Conservative leadership and for Prime Minister as I suggested a long time ago. Then he would be in the position to change the current of free speech repression, which is clearly against our Charter rights. You wouldn’t need a media outlet with a cheesy name called “Rebel”.

        • shasta

          I have followed EZ since his human rights fight, but I probably would not vote for him for the reasons mentioned above. Some one much cannier is needed to defeat the post modernist establishment.

          • Tell that to Donald Trump. Only difference is EZ is not a billionaire, so he has to do a little garbage picking. But to me he could be the Canadian version of a Donald Trump. He only needs a billion dollars.

  • bargogx1

    Yes, comrade Butts must disavow his friendship with that incorrect unperson immediately, or there will be consequences! Comrade Mulcair has spoken!

  • simus1

    I recently took out a premium Rebel membership after a considerable hiatus of over a year. Was quite surprised how bare bones stale and unchanging the Ezra Levant portion still was.