The ‘Peanuts’ Football Trick Explains Why Conservatives Keep Quiet About White Supremacy

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when those who are invited to partake in supposed interfaith dialogue refuse to play a game they know is rigged against them.

  • Gary

    I had a muslim punk try to push their Interfaith BS on me. A group of muslim youths used a room in a Catholic school to hold their Interfaith meeting and were at the local Subway Station hoping to fool the non-muslims that it was a friendly meeting to show how islam is just like the other faiths.

    It only took me about 45 seconds of tough questions and pointing out facts about Jesus before his head almost exploded . The islamic supremacist really wanted to corner non-muslims to do dawah or invite them to islam so if they refuse they are the enemies of islam to be killed.

  • A bit OT, but Social Workers have been trained in the Peanuts “football trick” for decades (I refer to them as “Socialist Workers”). I found out the hard way when I became an “insider” — briefly — after landing a couple jobs in that area back in the ’90’s. Both the training and the jobs were replete with “trickery” designed to deceive the “clients”. In one case myself and another worker (a Canadian Native) quit in disgust. I also sued after I found out they were fudging on my pay, and won a settlement. It was substantial enough that it caused the collapse of that particular agency.

    Yahoo! Got ’em with a double-barreled “shotgun”.