Malkin: Where Is the Corporate Disavowal of Black Lives Matter?

Liberal business executives are leaping like lemmings from President Donald Trump’s manufacturing advisory council. Good riddance.

These silly string-spined CEOs have sided with social justice agitators, Beltway media enablers and Democratic resistance knuckleheads who believe Trump was wrong to condemn violence and hatred on all sides of the political spectrum. Never mind that of the four people arrested after the violent outbreak in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend, two were identified with the white nationalist movement and the other two were left-wing “antifa” counterprotesters.

  • Adam

    Corporations don’t have feelings. They don’t respect rights. They should be thought of as profit-seeking terminators. The will crush liberty, destroy freedom, whatever it takes to make a buck. If you trust them for anything other than the service or products they produce, you are a fool.

    • I don’t trust their products much.

    • CodexCoder

      You might want to re-word that first statement as it includes a lot of very small corporations (like myself and my wife, for example). We have been incorporated for over 30 years. And no, we won’t just “do anything to make a buck” as we have morals and ethics. My wife as a CMA has been approached, for example, to make very large dollars in Saudi Arabia and has consistently refused to go because we don’t agree with Islam. I have lost contracts because as an engineer, I have to tell my clients the truth, and sometimes that isn’t what they want to hear.

      A corporation is just a legal vehicle. What shapes a corporation is its management, boards of directors, and its alliances. Where a corporation loses its way is when it, just like government, becomes too large to know all the people that work for it, and forgets its purpose.

  • Jay Currie

    We are hitting peak crazy this week. Over at my place I think about CEOs, free speech and Trump. WTF was Trump thinking setting up the formal business councils in the first place?